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Age  ??
Hobbies None
Fun Fact Can fit in a shirt pocket
Can be found in: #/g/tv #/vg/
IRC Status Explosive

Frussif aka "Michael Yousef" known more commonlly as poosif is a muslim IRC refugee from #/fit/,#/pol/ and #/vg/. Possibly the most uncultured person in Europe, he was ousted after a bad game of CS:GO with ghostarlingtape and had enough of Politik. He considers pop culture to be bad, but enjoys watching unboxing videos and camgirls on Twitch regularly. He considers burning a shrek doll with fire the highest form of art. He lives in Heerlen, Netherlands i.e. a shithole.

Should I stay or should I blow now

Frussif is known for constantly getting butthurt and leaving for months on end. At one point he tried to join ISIS but was rejected because he was too short.


frussif was once a firendly and well respected chatter on Rizon until dr_fuentes trolled him to oblivion by sharing this pic.

frussif subsequently went insane and went off to join ISIS, thus fulfilling his cultural dream. Unfortunately for him, he didn't fit the height requirement and was sent back to Limburg. He returned battle hardened keen to complete his mission from IS, to disrupt IRC channels by trolling. A central part of this, is berating married men that their wives will leave them for the BBC meme. Here frussif is putting out his own insecurities of being a kissless, unwanted, virgin with a micropenis by trying to make others feel bad about being in a relationship because he'll never be in one.

frussif is a self hating jew; a staunch anti-semite but is sadly one himself. Not only did he pick a jewish career (accountancy) but also chooses jewish nicknames like Chutzpah.

Despite being morbidly obese and struggling to breathe, frussif will threaten to knock you out. Even though raising his over-sized meat joint of an arm, will cause him to have cardiac arrest. It's nice to humor him though.

Modus operandi

  • Displaying explosive behavior
  • Dissapearing then reappearing with stupid new nicks
  • Posting mouse "Reviews"
  • Fapping to Clog porn
  • Warning people about warning them ("Dont make me Warn you!")
  • Exploding


Frussif is short and has tiny feet and has a complex about it. While he does hang out on #/g/tv mostly he hides in tiny channels like #fat and #pleb where he cant get tread over. His rage stems from, amongst other failures, being a balding manlet.


frussif has to cope with being himself. The only way he can do this is by having various delusions of grandeur such as being fit/strong, a worldclass CS player (who can't even beat GEEGEEGEE) and bizarrely being balck.

frussif's room

I picture myself a dark room. There is filthy CRT screen buzzing away its phoshors, and a fat neckbeard sitting next to it. There is collection of anal dildoes all around him and remains of pizzas and potato chip packs, underneath them is a "YouTube videos for dummies" half-eaten by rats. He giggles like a little pig and types another "Dont make me warn you" threat, while test-driving another dildo in his ass.



  • smalldickunveiler
  • poosif
  • igloosif
  • trustno1
  • wu (a hark back to his chinese ancestary)
  • Chutzpah (a hark back to his jewish ancestary)
  • frussyiff


  • Frussif is surf backwards
  • Frussif is small enough to fit in your backpack
  • Ate GEEGEEGEE's semen
  • unironically christian muslim
  • Makes shitty videos





What others are saying about frussif

<+keret> i feel bad for frussif cause hes too ugly to even be gay

<@Ryu77> [15:59:19] Found frussif [1]

<&ElCapitano> [21:59:53] frussif is a brown faggot
<&ElCapitano> [22:09:01] i dont like dutch people on rizon
<&ElCapitano> [22:09:04] all of them are faggots
<&ElCapitano> [22:09:14] frussif is the biggest faggot of them all

<+skew> [22:52:52] what does frussif sound like?
<@penecks> [22:53:21] imagine some guy taht burns shrek dolls and caresses mice.. like that

<@Erotica> [22:53:40]

<@Erotica> [22:53:47] he sounds kind like this guy

<+skew> [22:54:25] he's a muslim

<rummy> fs why did frussif leave /csg/

<%fs> because he's autistic

<%andonuts> Tfw you'll never fuck frussif's goat wife in front of him as he is tied to a chair, watching intently.

<%andonuts> Why even bother removing the heads of the many infidels?

<@bigtruthunveiler> [17:34:16] I don't have a big dick ballsac
<@bigtruthunveiler> [17:34:18] nothign to unveil

<@bigtruthunveiler> [17:34:33] if I had a nice big cock it would be in the channel topic right now

frussif� (@Frussif) �12|� got a small lump on one of my balls i am finally going to die

We can only hope.

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