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Weishaupt aka "pervano” is a senile old man who was divorced by his wife and lost his children. He spends most of his time on IRC being confused and angry chatting with similarly aged crackwhore transsexual azieral when not literally shoveling shit as a living for the rest of his life.


Weishaupt was born in the late 1800s 1700s in a corn husk like all Ohioans are. He fought in the civil war leading to severe brain damage. Later in life his wife divorced due to him cheating on her with trannies and lost his children to custody. He escaped from the nursing home and now lives in a trailer park shoveling shit and blogs about it here.


Weishaupt is a partially vegetative old man who is racist and incoherent. Some of his behaviors include:

  • Blogging about his pathetic life
  • Talking with trannies of similar age
  • Telling incoherent stories no one listens to
  • Heckling british users
  • Having flashbacks of the civil war