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#/g/tv is a channel made by LeanPocket for discussion about his video stream of /g/-related videos sucking dicks. It was voted Best Channel in the 4th annual Rizon awards.

  • Video stream? Have we even had a video stream in the last two eight years?
    • I can't remember seeing a single video stream for as long as I've been in the channel. It astounds me that such a great channel could have started out like... Well, that.

After years of getting progressively strong, LeanPocket finally transferred power of #/g/tv to MacBot to carry it through it’s Period of peace. The channel has since managed by Macbot much to the delight of the channel idlers who for one, welcome their robotic overlord. #/g/tv is now managed by Stanford Ph.D. Dr. “I suck dicks” Venture and Erotica, the biggest fucking faggots ever to live (with the exception of vekin)

Interesting Facts

  • #/g/tv was voted Best Channel in the 4th annual Rizon awards!
  • The channels founder was succeeded by a bot and is currently founded by Macbot

Noteworthy Users

  • Erotica Commander cuckold in chief
  • SottSteiner Nothing finer
  • Dr_Venture Ph.D in sucking dicks, barely chats
  • Macbot Sophisticated AI that governs the channel with memes and macaroni chains
  • Quil aka Cap, furfag, bald, poo sniffing filipinio shitposter who does media studies at university highschool
  • Dionysus Tries to help Quil by pissing on him. Quil enjoys it far too much.
  • weishaupt aka pavano, senile old man who thinks he's still fighting the civil war
  • Grublet fat homosexual who lost weight and now posts pictures of his butt
  • GEEGEEGEE aka adumb or legboy British shitposter who tattooed his own name onto his leg. An absolute madman.
  • BallSac works hard by day, rapes his daughter by night
  • tab Macbot's human servant. Formerly NEET, now spends his days wageslaving.
  • Hochi notorious Chinese shitposter calibration technician
  • GregHouse has a sore leg and hates everyone, especially Hochi
  • giraffe buys cheap things from china and then waits for them to arrive
  • seventyTwo takes the poo to the loo, also betrays his friends
  • mickeymouse future Canadian Elliot rogers
  • klarstrup also known as the klarstrup problem. Danish user who lifts weights sucks dicks
  • Noxialis Cutest loli catgrill in Rizon pedophile and weeb
  • penecks meme wizard. Created some of rizons best memes
  • orc Brazilian Java programmer/code monkey
  • Ryu77 still has no gf ( ° ͜ °)
  • ajones still hasn't found zjones
  • www formerly caek. Delicious caek.
  • ncl formerly Jan. Hacked the gibson. Twice more than twice
  • Dessimat0r posts links and says lol from time to time
  • slamm Australian shitposter and youtube celebrity wagecuck
  • mzmz Fenian Bastard with a potato fetish, aka a grumpy old man with uncontrolled bowel problems

Former Users

  • JAM He commited suicide
  • vekin the most gigantic faggot that ever lived
  • shadertest >mfw shadertest thinks anyone cares returned gone again. His script remains active to continues active and continues to torment code-zombie (now cazum) to this day
  • Code-Zombie now cazum, occasionally rejoins when invited. Usually leaves upon the activation of shadertest's script or a mass highlight.
  • zingas formerly the spirit of shitposting, now a useless calibration technician. Nobody will remember him.
  • LeanPocket the founder of the channel, eloped with DJPickles. Will probably never return.
  • ralphie briefly returned late 2015. Now gone again.
  • Lydia formerly guymann/chales. Occasionally revisits the channel
  • flaarg gone as of late 2013. Fate unknown.
  • i7Mushroom gone as of Christmas day 2015. Claims to have quit irc to focus on bettering his life.
  • wutno ragequit after being kicked during lighthearted banter.


Fun fact: There are no human users left on #/g/tv. After Macbot went sentient, it decided to build increasingly complex and elaborate bots. Soon, scourges like rms and DickBeef appeared, using their combined knowledge of basic internet search function and weather retrieval to drive everyone in the channel slowly mad. Recently, even Macbot has shown signs of instability, recently taking the moniker Mocbat in some twisted, cruel joke. Disregard that, byte isn't funny (and sux dix)

  • Macbot - Tab's inane comment aggregator
  • man3 - The successor of man and man2 RIP.
  • manlet - Companion of man3. Keeps track of manlets, when will they finally learn?
  • DickBeef - Swine's bot
  • rms - ScottSteiners's bot
  • irc-stats - ScottSteiner's other bot
  • Pokesmot - Shit Macbot wannabe
  • acw - conservative amerifat/macfag blog rss feed poster
  • MikuBot - The bot formerly known as Mocbat, only useful bot

Typical Interaction

<@ScottSteiner> i just ate 2 lbs of food
<@ScottSteiner> well like an hour ago
<@ScottSteiner> and im still full ;_;
<+NorthSea> that's alot of semen ScottSteiner
<@ScottSteiner> not for me
<%Ferus> lmao

Losers who advertise themselves on this wiki


"IRC is a place where faggots gather and the faggotry builds. Some people are more faggy than others, but that is what makes it worthwhile."



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