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Age 24
Hobbies Betraying his friends
Fun Fact Got ``pegged´´
Can be found in: #/g/tv #/uk/
IRC Status Traitor

SeventyTwo (real name Meghun), commonly known as seventyPoo is an infamous power-mad lunatic, autistic traitor. Originally from London Pakistan SeventyTwo decided to make his own containment channel after the rest of #/g/tv got tired of his inane bullshit. Unfortunately many young impressionable users joined the traitor channel and thus the betrayal was born. Evidence of of his retardation and autism are bountiful. If you make a legitimate argument against a SeventyPoo doctrine you will get banned. If you make fun of SeventyPoo you gonna get banned. Essentially, gestapo rules. Often he talks to himself and gets upset when others don't respond. Objective evidence of his narcissistic autistic tendencies can be found from his twitter timeline with over 165k tweets of pure unadulterated garbage content.

Modus operandi

  • Betraying and alienating his friends
  • Circlejerking with his fanclub
  • Being autistic and sperging out in his containment channel #/uk/
  • Getting pegged by a m2f tranny and pretending it doesn't make him a homo
  • Getting a third class degree from Wusster university in CS and denying the existence of squares, as a 2x2 square has a triangle with an irrational hypoteneuse (seriously he's outdone himself on this one)1
  • Refusing to take the poo to the loo
  • Denying facts


#/uk/ activity
Preying on the good will of Erotica and tab, seventyTwo employed tactics of deceit and coercion to gain sop in #/g/tv. Within days of taking power seventyTwo began abusing their trust to ban users from #/g/tv and drive them into his own spinoff channel #/uk/, his aim being to steal #/g/tv's entire user-base and hold absolute power over them eliminating the former #/g/tv power structure.

Unfortunately for him after his so called "friends" got tired of his bullshit they went off and made their own spin off channel. How about them apples?


72 is the number of dicks he managed to suck in 1 day. A personal best, second only to Cazum



Known aliases

KingCharlesII, Zerocool. Both are his fursonas. NB: the former is a disgraced king of England who betrayed his country. How apt.


dr_fuentes Betrayed LOL
ari Betrayed LOL




1. Alas, SeventyPoo's third class education did not teach him the difference between real, imaginary and irrational numbers.