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How many balls are in the sac?

BallSac aka “the man who beats girls” is a trash tier rizon user that can be found mostly in trash tier channels with the notable exception of #/g/tv. He enjoys frequent non-consensual sex with his daughters and making awful contributions to the rizon wiki. BallSac's other activities include fucking goats, suppressing minorities and watching child pornography.

Reasons to Live

BallSac has few, if any no reasons to live, here is a short list of the things that keep him going:

  • Raping his daughter (Cuntflap Jr)
  • Telling people how many balls are in the Sac
  • Posting wagecuck threads on /r9k/
  • Breaking Hochi


As BallSac is a pedophile degenerate rapist, his triggers include asking him about the frequent sexual abuse he inflicts upon his daughters, asking him how many balls are in the sac as well as reminding him that you're sitting at home comfy on rizon while he wagecucks away his life at work.

After his wife (aka Cuntflap - seen here and here) got blacked and went off with her bull, BallSac was left pondering: "If I surgically implanted all my cash into my body, can the government force me to undergo an operation to have it removed for child support?". Speaking of child support, he reminisced about his first encounter with Cuntflap: "I got really terrible welfare mom vibes from her, and her apartment really fucking smelled."



  • Hochi
  • anyone who values good chats
  • frussif
  • BallSac