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Andre Popescu


Age 24
Hobbies blacked.com
Fun Fact still no gf ( ° ͜ °)
Can be found in: #/vg/ #/g/tv
IRC Status Fat faggot

Andre Popescu irc alias Ryu77 seen here is a big, fat, foreveralone German faggot who can be found alone in his room crying as he masturbates to blacked.com

He can can usually be found chatting in #/vg/ but sometimes appears in #/g/tv where is tries to seduce Quil into being his online girlfriend.

Background And Personal Life

Andre Popescu lives in Frankfurt Germany where he works part-time while studying finance and computer science.

Andre Has never been able to get himself a girlfriend and was forced to lose his virginity to a cheap Asian prostitute which he regrets to this day.

Hobbies and Interests

Andre has a variety of hobbies. Andres enjoys watching anime featuring cute couples and relationships, the kind that he knows he'll never experience in real life. Andres also enjoys chatting on irc and asking people to be his girlfriend and playing video games to distract himself from the pain of life.

Relationship Status

Andre has accepted that he'll never find a girlfriend due to that fact that he is a beta male.

Because of this self loathing Andre hates himself and his people and enjoys seeing the German bloodline being diluted by superior north African and arab genetics. Andre hopes to one day be a good boy cuckold to his superior German wife as he raises her bull's son.

Until Andre finds a woman willing to take all his hard earned money as he worships her hand and foot, Andre is forced to masturbate to Chinese cartoons and cuckold pornography.

Modus Operandi

Andre uses IRC to make friends and chat about video games. He usually don't plot or scheme against anyone and is likely a good natured person cuckold

penecks once became disressed watching Andre being bullied and asked Erotica to back off a bit

<%penecks> leave Ryu77 alone man, he's harmless
<@Erotica> lmao

While Andre does occasionally covertly plot against other users he never actually seems to go through with any kind of threat.


Andre deeply longs to be loved. Reminding him of the impossibility to this hurts him greatly. It's especially effective to show him the same cute German women that reject him willingly throwing themselves at abusive, violent and cruel natured men/immigrants.

Posing as a girl on rizon and stringing him along before breaking his heart also helps in finishing him off.