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Mein Gotten...

Penecks is a Nazi meme wizard found in #/g/tv and #/vg/. His ability to form memes is beyond the comprehension of average users. Indeed, his puns have been known to cause lesser yellow users to break almost instantly.

Modus Operadi

Penecks mainly idles, meditating for his next epic meme and sucking at dota 2. He can often be found chatting with his gay lover Ryu77 in #/vg/. He is also Noxialis' fuccboi and only real friend.

The meme so supreme that makes you scream AAAAAAAAA

Penecks strikes at random and with force like the blitzkreig. Examples include:

  • Annoying Tenderheart with just one line
  • Causing zingas to break
  • Making the entire channel go silent
  • Sucking Noxialis off


Penecks may very well be invincible. Except for