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Age 24
Hobbies Mass highlighting
Fun Fact Is the spirit of shitposting (emeritus)
Can be found in: #/g/tv (containment)
IRC Status 400 year kline

Hochiminh aka Zingas known colloquially as simply Hochi or gas, is a nortorious chinese shitposter ipod calibration engineer. He now shits up rizon on a daily basis evading glines using a secret network of oriental VPNs. Truly the spirit of shitposting.

hochi can usually be found lurking in #/g/tv when he's not busy serving his white masters at work. Location: Michigan

Modus operandi

  • Posts videos of chickens eating insects and other small rodents
  • Throws an emo tantrum, followed by 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' or variants thereof.
  • Mass highlights
  • Calling Aaron 'buttno' Goldstein an "emaciated goblin"
  • Asking to "lick your brisket"
  • Building a non-functional NAS in his basement


  • Formal greetings
  • Asking him about derpcat
  • Lennyface


Suspected severe mental retardation and or possible autism.

Means of identification

If it looks as though someone has chosen a nick by slamming their dick on the keyboard, it is likely hochi.

Reporting abuse

PM GEEGEEGEE about his whereabouts immediately who will report it to #services for attention.

Known aliases

'I LOVE PISS' variant of 'I LOVE VOMIT', nonexhaustive list can be found here and here.





I'd just like to interject

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're referring to as Hochi, is in fact, Hochi/Zingas, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Hochi plus Zingas. Hochi is not a shitposter unto himself, but rather another chinese component of a fully functioning shiposting system made useful by the hochi corelibs, gas utilities and vital system components comprising a full shitposter as defined by Rizon.

Many IRC networks run a modified version of hochi every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of calibration engineer which is widely used today is often called Hochi, and many of its victims are not aware that it is basically the Zingas system, developed by the /g/tv Project.

There really is a Hochi, and these people are being masshilighted by it, but it is just a part of the IRC network they use. Hochi is the shit: the mental retardation in the system that allocates the shitposting resources to the other programs that you run. The hochi is an essential part of an IRC network, but useless by itself; it can only shitpost in the context of a complete IRCd. Hochi is normally used in combination with Zingas: the whole system is basically Zingas with Hochi added, or Hochi/Zingas. All the so-called Hochiminh distributions are really distributions of Hochi/Zingas!

Popular Culture

Banning Zingas has resulted in the pass time called "Whack a Hochi", where opers try and set records on who can ban successive hochis the fastest.

Rizon Oper Vs Hochi

The first annual Hochi impersonation championships will be held this year. 1st prize is a /g/line presented by End3r.

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