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How do I register a channel?

A page dedicated on guiding you through the registration process can be found at Channel Registration.

How do I request a BotServ bot in my channel?

In order to register a BotServ bot, the channel MUST be registered and you MUST be the channel owner. Use the command /msg BotServ BOTLIST , or view this Botserv list, in order to retrieve the bot nicks and choose one that you like.

To assign a BotServ bot, use /msg BotServ ASSIGN #channel bot where #channel is the name of the channel you are assigning it to, and bot is the bot nick you are assigning.

Now that you have a bot assigned, visit BotServ commands for more information.

I don't like any of these Bot nicks, how do I request a new one?

You can apply for a custom BotServ bot if you meet the requirements listed here:

My channel is being flooded. What do I do?

Refer to this dedicated page to guide you through the process of mitigating various types of channel flooding.

A channel operator just abused me by kicking/banning me / removing my operator status / etc. Can I report that person?

From the network's point of view, there is no such thing as "channel operator abuse". Channel operators can do whatever they deem fit in terms of channel moderation.

Does that mean there is nothing I can do about it?

You can talk to the channel's founder. Please refer to Channel Bans.

The founder ignores me / I talked to the founder but it did not get resolved / I believe it would be useless to talk to the founder. What more can I do?

Nothing. You might want to (and should if you are banned) just stay away from that channel. You can always find an alternative channel or create a new one yourself.

I am the founder and I'm blocked out of my channel. What do I do?

If you are not banned from the channel, you can first try this command, which resets all modes on the channel (i.e., clears modes i, k, l, m, n, p, s, and t):

/msg ChanServ CLEAR #channel MODES

If you are still not able to join, you can try the commands below according to the error messages in bold:

#channel unable to join channel (invite only)

/msg ChanServ INVITE #channel

#channel unable to join channel (need correct key)

/msg ChanServ GETKEY #channel
ChanServ will reply with a message that is similar to the one below:
-ChanServ- KEY #channel this_is_the_key
You can then join the channel by using the following command:
/join #channel this_is_the_key

#channel unable to join channel (channel is full)

/msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK -l
Note: This command will remove your previous locked channel modes.

#channel Cannot join channel (SSL is required)

You would first try reconnecting to Rizon securely through ports +6697 or +9999. If that was not possible, then remove a locked S channel mode using:
/msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK -S

#channel unable to join channel (address is banned)

/msg ChanServ UNBAN #channel
This one can get a little tricky if someone in your channel runs a bot/script to replace the ban automatically after ChanServ removes it. If the error message persists, you can use the following command to check who is replacing the ban:
/msg ChanServ CHECKBAN #channel
ChanServ will reply with a message that is similar to the one below:
-ChanServ- The ban YourNick! set by SomeNick prevents you from joining #channel.
You can then either choose to talk to SomeNick, or remove their Op/Halfop access.

How do I remove key/invite/<insert mode here> from my channel?

This can be easily accomplished by using the command /mode #channel -k where k is the Channel Modes.

A user keeps ban evading. What do I do?

This should be obvious, but these trouble-makers are users who evade channel bans by changing their nicks, idents, host-masks, or whatever the ban was set to. Most often, though, they can be kept out by setting a proper ban. Take this for example:

[16:30:54] * righteous sets mode: +b Asmodeus!*@*
[16:30:58] * Asmodeus was kicked by righteous (Asmodeus)
[16:31:37] * Asmodeusss (~You.Know@He.Is.Trying.To.Be.Tough.Guy) has joined #fanclub

See the problem there? … That was a poor ban, because it only affected the nick Asmodeus. The user was able to evade it quite easily just by changing his nick. A better ban would be for *!*@He.Is.Trying.To.Be.Tough.Guy; a ban set on his host. You can find the users host using the command /whois nickname which will return something like:

address: ~You.Know@He.Is.Trying.To.Be.Tough.Guy


Asmodeusss is ~You.Know@He.Is.Trying.To.Be.Tough.Guy * Asmodeusss

The user could remove the vhost and join the channel with his real host; in which case, you should ban that, too. If the evader continues to evade through different hosts and vhosts, please report the matter to #services. Additionally, if you have SOP or Founder status in the channel, You could add the user to the channel AKICK list through:

/msg ChanServ AKICK #channel ADD nick reason

Spammers keep on coming and spamming my channel. What should I do?

Spammers, by definition, are users who join a channel to paste a link, or some type of advertisement, telling users to join a channel or a different network.

These cases should be reported to #services on sight. Also, be sure not to click on any spammer's link as it may be harmful to your computer. Here are some examples of a spammer in action:

[16:44:14] * mib_67ee3y ( has joined #fanclub
[16:44:45] mib_67ee3y: Everyone click on this hxxp://
[16:44:50] * mib_67ee3y ( has left #fanclub
[16:46:35] * Siesta_00 ( has joined #fanclub
[16:46:40] Siesta_00: Join us at for party games!
[16:46:43] * Siesta_00 ( has left #fanclub

The channel founder/owner has left for an extended period of time. Can I take over the channel ownership?

Please, read the Channel Takeover Policy to check your eligibility, and for instructions on how to claim the channel.

I couldn't find my issue on here. What do I do now?

For more information, check out Channel Management 101, Channel Management 102, and Channel Modes

Contributed by guuchan and Kokizzzle