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First of all:

Rizon staff does NOT deal with channel bans.

If you were banned from a channel, and believe that you should be unbanned instead of waiting the ban out, you're going to have to talk to a channel operator, preferably the one who banned you, or the channel founder.

Finding out whom you can contact:

Who banned you?

You can find out which ban is stopping you from joining the channel by typing /msg ChanServ CHECKBAN #channel


-ChanServ- The ban *!* set by Peter prevents you from joining #channel.

View the channel's ban list — it might appear in the server/status window: /mode #channel +b


#channel *!*user@* set by Peter!~peter@2FCB67A1.CF724B5E.853B28F6.IP (Wed Nov 19 12:32:39)
#channel sarah!*@* set by killer100! (Wed Nov 16 04:16:58)
#channel End of Channel Ban List

You can see that there two bans: the first was set by Peter, while the second by killer100.

If you are still unsure about which of the bans matches you, do a whois on yourself:
/whois YourNick


YourNick is ***
YourNick on +#chat #Rizon
YourNick using - Where are you?
YourNick is using modes +ix authflags: [none]
YourNick is actually []
YourNick has been idle 2mins 8secs, signed on Wed Dec 03 03:57:45
YourNick End of /WHOIS list.


  • If you somehow managed to ban yourself, then you can, with sufficient access (by default AOP or level 5 or higher), unban yourself via:
    /msg ChanServ UNBAN #channel
  • If you want to unban someone else then you can do so via:
    /mode #channel -b BanMask
    (BanMask being a ban from the channel's ban list.)

Who is the channel founder?

View the channel's information; including the founder's nick:
/msg ChanServ INFO #channel


-ChanServ- Information for channel #channel
-ChanServ-      Founder: killer100
-ChanServ-  Description: A description of the channel
-ChanServ-   Registered: Jul 18 10:03:29 2006 EDT
-ChanServ-    Last used: Dec 02 21:50:31 2008 EST
-ChanServ-   Last topic: Welcome to our channel!
-ChanServ- Topic set by: killer100

Messaging the particular channel operator/founder

Open a private query with that person, and kindly ask about the ban:

/query nick Your message here

Or, if the user is offline, leave them a memo:

/msg MemoServ SEND nick Your message here

If they decide to keep you banned, you will have to accept that and deal with it.