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Sister channel to #leafeon . Created during #furret's Rainbowgate incident, is much better for roleplaying and lacks the spam of and idiots of #furret as it is not owned by the worryingly pony-obsessed and oddly biased hating Nazi-Germany enthusiast Kazisho, but instead by the more upbeat and relaxed Owner of zoroark- :3. Sponsored channels are #absol and #Sunyshore

Room's RP description

A reasonably spacious living and dining room combo takes center stage, decorated with home-made art, a glass-topped coffee table and a couch with a high-spec computer and television built in -input sockets located under the armrest cushions- and a wall-screen make up the nerve center of the house. The house aso holds a record player and seemingly every piece of music ever produced on vinyl. Why? Hell knows, Heavens suspect; Hipsters sneer. A connected kitchen unit can be found off this room, as well as doors to the basement, balcony, ground floor bathroom and spare bedroom. Up the stairs is the master bedroom and bathroom. It is possibly there are more rooms to the upper level, however this has yet to be confirmed. The house contains possibly 2-3 laptops in addition to the main computer/TV, however this number too has yet to be confirmed.


  • Absol`: Awkward, paranoid. Likes to discuss things. Knows four languages. Enjoys tea (and also doesn't drink alcohol I guess). Oh, and he's an op because people trust him too much. One day he'll rule the world. Not an OP because of parting and rejoining the channel to show Pho why he can't unban Umby and not having auto-op while at that.
  • Dragonite_: Never says anything. Is thought to save logs for private viewing later. Mostly ignored.
  • LucarioWritefag: Better known as Lucarius. Loves to fight, to write, and to procrastinate.
  • Shibs: A good guy. Lucarius's bro.
  • Veteran, Flygon, Jolteon: A true Englishman. WoW, TF2 and Minecraft player. Often says he'll try drawing. Never delivers.

Roleplayer descriptions, where appropriate

  • Absol: Has a white and pink scarf given to him by Zoroark. Kind of antisocial, but he does his best? Was put in a large carton box once.
  • absss: Might be dead, has anyone checked the obituary?
  • Espyy: dat exhibitionist streak
  • Flarezzz: *plays harmonica*

Oh~! What shall we do with the drunken Flareon,
What shall we do with the drunken Flareon,
What shall we do with the drunken Flareon,
Earl-aye in the mornin'?

Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
Earl-aye in the morning?

Weigh heigh and up she rises,
Weigh heigh and up she rises,
Weigh heigh and up she rises,
Earl-aye in the morning!

  • Flygon: Described as promiscuous, silly, cute, stupid and occasionally cute; Flygon is perhaps one of the less serious denizens of Pho's house. Technically living in Sunyshore with his trainer Veteran, he manages to make excuses to fly over almost daily. Enjoying the company, the food and the sights. Mostly the sights OF the company and food as he'd say. Aside from a liking for insects as foodstuffs; Flygon adores sweet foods, notably meringues and is a sleep talker. Combine the two and you get people wanting french desserts when he naps. Or occasionally freaked out by beetles for a month. Apparently works as an express courier now; and is sometimes seen with his satchel. Fortunately it seems this job, along with a fast metabolism keeps the 'gon in trim. Flygon hates ice, and rarely goes near anything below say, 4°C. Once melted an ice-cube in his hands to show he could, though. His 'nickname' is Zanic, though he prefers not to be called this. Ever. Almost a polar opposite of Veteran, there is apparently some connection between him and the fact that Flygon is occasionally 4 inches long and hiding under his trainer's cap. If asked about this though, claims that "it'd take too long to explain, and I'd like, diagrams and stuff..."
  • Jolteon: Likes laps, being petted and fuzziness. Laziest fucker you ever did see.
  • Lucario: Used to live away, but moved to Pho's house. Makes a living out of the healing arts, and sharpens his fighting skills on his free time. Spends nearly all of his money with his favourite food, drinks, and musical instruments, being responsible for the house's booze stocking. Deeply enjoys the company of females, especially the ones he calls "Zoey", among other Zoroarks. Might boast overconfidence in himself once in a while, but has a kind and humble heart. If anything's wrong, he will try his best at making you feel better. Loves making fun out Flygon's adversion for ice.
  • Mawjaw: Wait, how does Maw even reach the doorknobs?
  • Pho/Foe: Dat er... home ownership. KITTY KITTY. Dat transformation..
  • Reuniclus: Blob blob.
  • Shibs: Has many things in common with Lucarius, except for his timid nature. And d'aww... 'es got lil' meinshao whiskers! :3
  • Veteran: Trainer of Flygon and Jolteon; Veteran acts with reasonable formality nearly all the time. Often sighing at the antics of his team, he was apparently a minor name not too long ago, but retired from the pro trainer circuit with some considerable prize-winnings to become Sunyshore's lighthouse keeper. If he had more pokemon in his team has yet to be clarified. Although automated systems mostly require him to be there just in case. Even so, he travels to Unova pretty damn regularly. Looking pretty swanky in greatcoat and waistcoat, Veteran finds himself mostly grinning at the antics of others. Even so, he's apparently foxnip and is jumped by the citizens and denizens of the house regularly. His name is Stravagante -hippies as parents? Probably- though is mostly known by shortened versions of either name or trainer class. He apparently has some psychic ability, though rarely seems to use these talents -and instantly complains of headaches that last for a day or so afterwards. Plays minecraft along with Flygon, and is apparently not too shabby at it, constructing an obsidian tower with griefer pitfalls and loot collectors. Carries an opera cane from time to time and pulls items from his coat that you'd wonder could fit. Probably sleight of hand, but you can never be sure.. Lives in #Sunyshore.
  • Zoroark/Zoey: The Lord of the Rings. And the Dance.
  • Zorua: ...I think it's the lampshade. No wait, the potted plant... or is it my hat?