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Age +-17
Hobbies Programmin'
Fun Fact No fun
Can be found in: #/g/tv #/music/ #chat
IRC Status Asshat

CodeZombie (Jeremy Clark), an underaged kid from Toronto Canada, joined the Rizon chat with a modded Nintendo DS.

He then migrated to #4chan, where his subsequent flamboyant obnoxiousness had him banned, and and the nick "CodeZombie" g-lined for accidental v-host ban evasion.

The nick was then changed permanently to "Code-Zombie", where it has been ever since. Other aliases include "Cazum" and "Console"

Notable achievements

  • Wrote the first legal ps3 homebrew (link)
  • Wrote some chrome extension for encrypted bookmarks link
  • Hasn't attended high school in months
  • Almost had sex (with a lady)
  • Sucked dicks

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