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NickServ Commands

Register your nickname

This command registers your nickname into the Rizon database and makes sure no other user is able to use this nickname. However, Please be aware that nicks expire after 90 days of non-usage.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email]
    • Example: /msg NickServ REGISTER mypasswordatrizon

Please be aware that the email must be valid as confirmation number sent to this email must be verified in order for the registration process to complete.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ CONFIRM [confirmation code]
    • Example: /msg NickServ CONFIRM 20sik25t2

Cancel registration

This command will cancel the current registration request on your nickname. This is used when the email you used to register is invalid.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ CANCEL [password]

Please be aware that you will have to re-issue the registration command with a valid email, and then enter the confirmation code to register.

Resend confirmation code

This command resends the confirmation code to your registered email. If you entered invalid email address, you can use Cancel and re-register with your valid id.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ RESEND

Identify to your nickname

Now that you have registered your nickname, it is very important to remember to identify EVERY TIME you access Rizon. The password in this case is the password you supplied during nick registration.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password]
    • Example: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY mypasswordatrizon

Change password

To change your nick password:

  • Usage: /msg NickServ set PASSWORD new password
    • Example: /msg NickServ set PASSWORD supersecretpass123

Note: PASSWORD is the word password, not your old password.

Group nicknames

This command groups your CURRENT nickname with your TARGET nickname.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ GROUP [TARGET] [password]
    • Example: Your main nickname is OldNick which holds access to all your channels (op in some channel, voice in another etc) and you logon to rizon with NewNick, you would now like to have same permissions as your oldnick, you would have to do /msg NickServ group OldNick oldnickspassword.

Please be aware that grouping your existing nick to a newnick will make your old nick loose all access in all channels.

Recover nickname

If you logon to Rizon and notice your registered nickname is being used by another user. You can have services retreive this nickname for you through recover. Alternatively, you could use ghost in order to recover your nickname.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ RECOVER [nickname] [password]
    • Example: /msg NickServ RECOVER OldNick mypasswordatrizon

Following recover, services holds your nickname for one minute. In order to release your nickname sooner:

  • Usage: /msg NickServ RELEASE [nickname] [password]
    • Example: /msg NickServ RELEASE OldNick mypasswordatrizon


The ghost command is useful when a "ghost" of your nick is present on IRC. The ghost is not really connected but IRC assumes it to be. This could be due to various different reasons such as internet issues, an abrupt shutdown, or another user using your nick. Unlike recover, ghost allows you to reclaim your nick right away.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ GHOST [nickname] [password]
    • Example: /msg NickServ GHOST OldNick mypasswordatrizon

Access List

This command lists the channels the nickname has access on:

  • Usage: /msg NickServ ALIST

Removing channel access

One's own access can be removed from a channel via ALIST DEL

  • Usage: /msg NickServ ALIST del #CHANNEL
    • Example: /msg NickServ ALIST del #Rizon

Nick information

If you would like to know information about a nick which is registered (last time seen, when it was registered), you can use the command info.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ INFO [nick]
    • Example: /msg NickServ INFO OldNick
    • This will return Information about OldNick such as
-NickServ- OldNick is oldnick
-NickServ- Last seen address:
-NickServ- Time registered: Nov 27 13:29:55 2005 MST
-NickServ- Last seen time: Dec 13 09:54:12 2010 MST


If you would like to logout of services, you can use the command logout. This command makes you not recognized as the owner of the nick.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ LOGOUT

Note: You must be identified in order to use this command.


Use this command If you would like to drop your nickname for any reason. Please note that the effects of this command are irreversible and you will loose ALL current access to all channels.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ DROP [nickname]
    • Example: /msg NickServ DROP OldNick

Note: As a security measure, you will be asked to verify the drop command in order to complete the drop procedure.

  • Usage: /msg NickServ DROP Jason
    • Example: /msg NickServ DROP Jason G1UXZjsjf

ChanServ Commands

Register a channel

Users can use services in order to claim/register an empty channel. Registering a channel keeps the channel name save for the user and gives them the ability to use variety of different Rizon services.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ REGISTER [#channel] [password] [description]
    • Example: /msg ChanServ REGISTER #newchannel mynewpassword A brand new channel
    • This allows you to register the channel #newchannel with password mynewpassword and with description "A brand new channel". You must be an operator in #newchannel and the channel must not be already registered.

Identify as channel owner

This command allows you to identify to ChanServ as the owner of the channel. You must have the channel password in order to use this command.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ IDENTIFY [#channel] [password]
    • Example: /msg ChanServ IDENTIFY #rizonchannel rizonpassword

Unban user from channel

If you have been banned from a channel, you can use the unban command to unban yourself, even if you aren't in the channel. This command can also be used to unban any nickname currently in use. By default, this command can be only used by op (@; +o) or above.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ UNBAN [#channel] [nickname]
    • Example: /msg ChanServ UNBAN #rizonchannel
    • Example: /msg ChanServ UNBAN #rizonchannel SomeNick

Invite yourself to a channel

This command allows you to invite yourself to a channel, providing you have sufficient access on the channel. By default, this command can only be used by op (@; +o) or above.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ INVITE [#channel]
    • Example: /msg ChanServ INVITE #rizonchannel

Get a channel key

This command allows you to get a key (+k) of channel, providing you have sufficient access on the channel. By default, this command can only be used by op (@; +o) or above.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ GETKEY [#channel]
    • Example: /msg ChanServ GETKEY #rizonchannel

You would then use the command /join [#channel] [key] to enter the channel.


Tells ChanServ to clear certain settings on a channel.

  • Usage: /msg ChanServ CLEAR [#channel] [setting]

Note: By default, this is limited to channel founders, and setting can be one of the following:

Setting Description
MODES Clears all modes on the channel (However, this does not clear bans, exempts, or invites (b, e, I). Any locked modes will be automatically reapplied).
BANS Clears all bans (+b) from the channel.
EXCEPTS Clears all excepts (+e) from the channel.
INVITES Clears all permanent invites (+I) from the channel.
OPS Removes operator, protect, and owner status (+o, +a, +q) from anyone with that mode set.
HOPS Removes halfoperator status (+h) from anyone with that mode set.
VOICES Removes voice status (+v) from anyone with that mode set.
USERS Removes (kicks) all users from the channel.
NONSSL Removes (kicks) all users from the channel who are not connected via SSL.
  • Example: /msg ChanServ CLEAR #rizonchannel USERS

For more commands, visit Channel Management 101 and Channel Management 102

MemoServ Commands

MemoServ allows you to send and receive short messages to/from other IRC users or channels. Even is users are offline at the time they're sent a memo, they can read it as soon as they come identify to NickServ.

In order to be able to send and receive memos, you need to have identified to a registered nickname.

Sending memos

Sending a memo to a nick or channel:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ SEND [nick|#channel] [memo text]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ SEND Peter I'm missing you!

Cancel a memo

Cancelling the last unread memo you sent to a nick or channel:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ CANCEL [nick|#channel]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ CANCEL Peter

List memos

Listing all or only particular memos you have or a given channel has received:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ #channel LIST NEW
    • Example: /msg MemoServ LIST NEW

Note: new lists only new (unread) memos, list 2-4 lists memos numbered 2 through 4. If neither new nor a list is given, all memos will be listed, unread memos are marked with a * to the left of the memo number.

Read memos

Reading particular memos you or a channel received:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ READ #channel [NUMBER|LIST|LAST|NEW]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ READ new

Deleting Memos

Deleting particular memos you or a channel received:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ DEL #channel [NUMBER|LIST|LAST|NEW]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ DEL 2

Memo options

Setting various memo options:

  • NOTIFIY - Changing when you will be notified about new memos:
    • Syntax: /msg MemoServ SET NOTIFY [ON|LOGON|NEW|OFF]
      • ON: notification on identification to NickServ, unsetting /away, and when they are sent to you.
      • LOGON: notification on identification, and unsetting /away
      • NEW: notification when they are sent to you
      • OFF: no notification at all
    • Example: /msg MemoServ SET NOTIFY NEW
  • LIMIT - Setting the maximum number of memos you or the given channel can receive:
    • Syntax: /msg MemoServ SET LIMIT #channel LIMIT
    • Example: /msg MemoServ SET LIMIT 5

Note: You cannot set the limit any higher than 20. Setting it to 0 won't allow anyone to send you a memo.


Viewing your (or if given a channel's) amount of (unread) memos, the memo limit, and your notification setting:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ INFO [#channel]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ INFO #rizonchannel

Memo status

Checking whether the last memo you sent to a user has been read or not:

  • Syntax: /msg MemoServ CHECK [nick]
    • Example: /msg MemoServ CHECK Peter

BotServ Commands

BotServ allows you to have a bot on your own channel. The assigned bot will join a channel whenever there is at least 1 user on it. You can also set a badwords list to kick (or ban) someone whenever they say a badword.

Note: Users can request a custom botname if they have 150 or more users in their channel.

To assign a BotServ bot, use /msg BotServ ASSIGN [#channel] [BOT], where #channel is the name of the channel you are assigning it to, and bot is the name of the bot you want in the channel.

  • Example: /msg BotServ ASSIGN #rizonchannel |Glorious_Failure|

To list available bots, use

/msg BotServ BOTLIST

Note: Since the introduction of new services featuring fantasy commands, all commands of the syntax /msg ChanServ COMMAND #CHANNEL [PARAMETERS] will become .COMMAND [PARAMETERS]. All commands that are available in /msg ChanServ HELP can be used in a channel, EXCEPT IDENTIFY, for obvious reasons.

Channel status commands

  • Voice (+; +v)
    • .voice nick
    • .devoice nick
  • Halfop (%; +h)
    • .halfop nick
    • .dehalfop nick
  • Op (@; +o)
    • .op nick
    • .deop nick
  • Protected/Admin (&; +a) Note: Requires protectmode to be enabled.
    • .protect nick
    • .deprotect nick
  • Owner (~; +q) Note: Requires ownermode to be enabled.
    • .owner
    • .deowner

Kicking & banning commands

Kicking a user from the channel via BotServ with an optional reason:

  • .kick nick reason


  • .k nick reason

Kicking and banning a user from the channel via BotServ with an optional reason:

  • .kickban nick reason


  • .kb nick reason


  • .ban nick reason

Access commands

Viewing the channel's access list, optionally you can view the access level of a particular nick or list entry only:

    • Example: .access list Jason
    • Example: .access list 13
    • Example: .access list 13-15

Adding a nick to the access list:

  • .access add NICK LEVEL
    • Example: .access add Jason 5

Default levels: 3 = voice (+), 4 = halfop (%), 5 = op (@), 10 = protected op/admin (&)

Deleting a nick from the access list:

    • Example: .access del Jason
    • Example: .access del 13
    • Example: .access del 13-15

Clearing the access list:

  • .access clear

Akick commands

Viewing the channel's full autokick list, or the akick entry of a particular nick, or a partial list:

    • Example: .akick list Jason
    • Example: .akick list 13
    • Example: .akick list 13-15

Viewing the channel's autokick list in more detail than .akick list:

    • Example: .akick view Jason
    • Example: .akick view 13
    • Example: .akick view 13-15

Adding a nick or usermask to the autokick list with an optional reason:

    • Example: .akick add Jason spammer
    • Example: .akick add Jason*!*@* spammer

Deleting a nick/usermask or list entry from the autokick list:

    • Example: .akick del Jason
    • Example: .akick del Jason*!*@*
    • Example: .akick del 13
    • Example: .akick del 13-15

Clearing the channel's autokick list:

  • .akick clear

Enforcing an akick on users matching an entry on the autokick list who is currently on the channel:

  • .akick enforce

Note: akicks will automatically be enforced whenever a new akick is added.

Setting a permanent channel ban for an akicked usermask: (If someone tries to remove the ban it will automatically be set again.)

  • .akick stick USERMASK
    • Example: .akick stick Jason*!*@*

Removing the stick, the ban will be allowed to be removed again.

  • .akick unstick USERMASK
    • Example: .akick unstick Jason*!*@*

Note: This does not remove the akick.

Miscellaneous Commands

Checking when a user was last seen on the channel:

  • .seen NICK
    • Example: .seen Jason

Note: The specified user has to be on the channel's access list.

Viewing information about the channel:

  • .info

Viewing more detailed information about the channel:

  • .info ALL

Note: Requires founder status by default.

If you have a BotServ bot on your channel but these commands still don't work for you, assure that fantasy mode is enabled: /msg BotServ SET #channel FANTASY ON

HostServ Commands

Request a vHost

In order to request a vHost from HostServ, use the command request:

  • Usage: /msg HostServ REQUEST
    • Example: /msg HostServ REQUEST

vHosts are approved by Rizon staff and must meet requires described at vHost.

vHost on

Approval/Rejection of vHosts are sent in memos and if your vHost has been approved, you can use the following commands to turn it on:

  • Usage: /msg HostServ ON

vHost off

If you would like to turn off your vHost for whatever rease, use the following:

  • Usage: /msg HostServ OFF

vHost group

This commands allows users to sync vHost for all the nicks in their group. It will set the CURRENT nick's vHost to all the group members.

  • Usage: /msg HostServ GROUP

FunServ Commands

FunServ is a custom service provided for Rizon users. FunServ includes Trivia, Quotes, LimitServ, Internets, eRepublik and e-Sim.

For a list of the basic usage of all FunServ services, use /msg FunServ help. It is, however, important to note that only channel founders are allowed to request and remove FunServ services.


Trivia simply allows Trivia to be held in channel on various different topics.

To assign Trivia to your channel, use the following command:

  • Usage: /msg Trivia request #channel
    • Example: /msg Trivia request #rizonchannel

Some of the other commands that can be used in channel to customize Trivia are:

  • .help trivia - Will list all trivia commands.
  • .trivia [number] - to start playing.
  • .strivia - to stop current round.
  • .topten or tt - lists top ten players.
  • .rank [nick] - shows yours or given nicks current rank.
  • .next - skips question.
  • .themes - lists available question themes.
  • .theme set <name> - changes current question theme (must be channel founder).

The current question themes in which we have are:

  • Theme: Anime, 2323 questions
  • Theme: default, 78809 questions
  • Theme: Geography, 121 questions
  • Theme: History, 64 questions
  • Theme: LOTR-Books, 800 questions
  • Theme: LOTR-Movies, 455 questions
  • Theme: Movies, 731 questions
  • Theme: Naruto, 918 questions
  • Theme: ScienceAndNature, 96 questions
  • Theme: Simpsons, 249 questions
  • Theme: Stargate, 2082 questions

In order to remove Trivia from your channel, please use the following command: /msg Trivia remove #channel

  • Example: /msg Trivia remove #rizonchannel


Limitserv dynamically limits the number of concurrent channel members in order to prevent join floods in channels containing at least 20 users.

It will not join smaller channels as it's lowest sensible limit is not sensitive enough for small userbases, and lower limits would need to change with each join/part, causing mode spam.


To request LimitServ, use the following command:

  • Usage: /msg LimitServ REQUEST #channel
    • Example: /msg LimitServ REQUEST #rizonchannel

To remove LimitServ, use the following command:

  • Usage: /msg LimitServ REMOVE #channel
    • Example: /msg LimitServ REMOVE #rizonchannel

How LimitServ works

LimitServ will change the user limit when the current limit has been off by 2 or more users for at least one minute.


12:01 -!- mode/#help [+l 25] by LimitServ
12:02 -!- user21 [user@21.V.Host] has joined #help
12:02 -!- user22 [user@22.V.Host] has joined #help
12:03 -!- mode/#help [+l 27] by LimitServ

The settings shown below are dependant on the current user-count and are not user configurable.

Current user count New user limit
Less than 100 Current user count + 5
100-299 Current user count + 8
300-499 Current user count + 10
More than 500 Current user count + 12


Internets is a Rizon internet bot which comes with many various different commands, such as google, qdb, urbandictionary, and more.

Requesting Internets

In order to request this bot, use the following command:

  • Usage: /msg Internets request #channel
    • Example: /msg Internets request #rizonchannel

In order to remove Internets from your channel, please use the following command: /msg Internets remove #channel

Internets features


Search google

Usage: .google <what to search for>

Example: [Jason] .google Rizon IRC

[Internets] [Google] Rizon Chat Network (

[Internets] [Google] Description: Rizon is an IRC (internet relay chat) network that has been around for 9 years and counting. It is an entirely free service that allows you to setup a channel to chat ...


Calculates an expression

Example: [Jason] .cc 2pi

[Interenets] [calc] 2 * pi = 6.28318531


Rolls X N-sided dice with an optional modifier A (XdN±A)

Example: [Jason] .d 6

[Internets] :: Total 5 / 6 [83%] :: Results [5] ::

[Jason] .d 3d6 [Internets] :: Total 9 / 18 [50%] :: Results [4, 3, 2] ::

[Jason] .d 3d6+6 [Internets] :: Total 13 / 24 [54%] :: Results [4, 2, 1] ::


Searches for a dictionary definition


[Jason] .dict insufferable

[Internets] :: [1/1] Definition insufferable :: Difficult or impossible to endure; intolerable. ::

Quote database

Display a random quote from

Usage: .qdb random


[Jason] .qdb random

[Internets] [6176] <Hostile> when i woke up i found pictures of Salma Hayek, A turkish guy's

[Internets] [6176] page and my flip flop in my scanner

Search qdb for specific quote

Usage: .qdb search <string>


[Jason] .qdb search rizon

[Internets] QDB quotes found matching "rizon":

[Internets] 38918 2183 19478 30588 2351 8009 42967 18406 46479 48577 46537 50021 32952 71255

Display specific quote from qdb

Usage: .qdb <number to display>


[Jason] .qdb 19478

[Internets] [19478] * Straylight hate hate HATES Verizon ads

[Internets] [19478] <+Straylight> CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

[Internets] [19478] <+Straylight> SCREW YOU THEN

Urban Dictionary

Search for a word on urban dictionary

Usage: .urban <word>

Example: [Jason] .urban jason

[Internets] [1/7] the only name that can be spelled through 5 months of the year.; J - July; A - August; S- September; O - October; N - November; Jason is a very unique name

For words with multiple definitions, allows you to show other definitions

Usage: .urban #number# <word>


[Jason] .urban 4 jason

[Internets] [4/7] Leader of the Argonauts; Legendary Hero associated with Greek Mythology; Same level as Hercules, Ulysses, and Achilles; Smart, Sexy, Very Handsome person; often RF Engineer by day and gigaloo by night. Admired and idolized by many.; I wish I could be like Jason.; Jason is my American Idol.; You are so Jason I'm jealous!


Display a random quote from FML

Usage: .fml random


[Jason] .fml random

[Internets] [1313726] Today, I had to go visit my grandma. While in her bathroom, the floss I was using cut my gum, I then proceded to make sounds of slight pain. My grandma was, at the same moment, walking by and said "Don't masturbate in side of my bathroom you sick teen!" Now my grandma thinks I am a sexual pervert. FML

Display a specific quote from FML

Usage: .fml 3826223


[Jason] .fml 3826223

[Internets] [3826223] Today, I was getting a haircut. I had my foils in for about 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off. The building then started to fill with smoke and we evacuated. While outside watching the fire being put out, I forgot about my foils. I now have bright bleached yellow and orange hair. FML


Display a weather from specific city/zipcode

Usage: .weather <zipcode/city name>


[Jason] .weather 90210

[Internets] Weather for Beverly Hills, CA 90210: Current: 78°F, Clear, Wind: SE at 0 mph, Humidity: 50%

[Jason] .weather panama city, fl

[Internets] Weather for Panama City, FL: Current: 91°F, Cloudy, Wind: W at 1 mph, Humidity: 59%


Displays 5-day forecast for a location

Usage: .forecast <zipcode/city name>


[Jason] .forecast 90210

[Internets] :: Beverly Hills, CA :: Sunday Fog 25C / 77F 9C / 48F :: Monday Partly Cloudy 22C / 72F 12C / 54F :: Tuesday Partly Cloudy (10%) 23C / 73F 12C / 54F :: Wednesday Mostly Cloudy 21C / 70F 12C / 54F ::

Registering location

Links a location to your nick that will be used as default location in .weather and .forecast

Usage: .register_location <zipcode/city name>


[Jason] .register_location 90210

[Internets] Jason: registered location Beverly Hills, CA

Translate text from one language to another

Usage: .translate <textlanguage> <targetlanguage> <string>


[Jason] .translate en es What is your name?

[Internets] [t] [from en] -> ¿Cómo te llamas?

[Jason] .translate es en ¿Cómo te llamas?

[Internets] [t] [from es] What's your name?

List of languages supported:

ar Arabic
bg Bulgarian
ca Catalan
cs Czech
da Danish
nl Dutch
en English
et Estonian
fi Finnish
fr French
de German
el Greek
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
id Indonesian
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
lv Latvian
lt Lithuanian
no Norwegian
fa Persian (ALPHA)
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian
es Spanish
sv Swedish
th Thai
tr Turkish
uk Ukrainian
vi Vietnamese