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A 'vHost' (virtual host) allows users to hide their hostmask (e.g., Rizon-BA37C5B3.rogers.com) with something creative (e.g., i.am.awesome). Colored vHosts can be won via a lottery: VIzon.


Format rules:

  1. must contain a dot (aka . ) and can only contain alphanumeric characters, dots ( . ) and dashes ( - );
    some.vhost   somevhost
  2. must not contain a @
  3. must not be an IP or IP look-a-like   127.o.o.1
  4. must not resolve [1] (basically, the vHost can't point to an actual site);
    this.is.an.example   google.com   rizon.net
  5. must not mimic government organizations (*.gov, *.gc.ca, FBI, etc.) or private organizations which have government affiliation (MPAA, RIAA, etc.);
  6. must not contain the words 'forum', 'ircop', 'admin', 'network', 'rizon', or any IRCop's nick;
  7. must not contain racist words (what is considered racist/derogatory is subject to discretion by vHost team members);
  8. must not refer to other networks/spamming;
    join.my.channel   come.to.irc.blahblahblah.net
  9. must not refer to "kiddy"-like activity. (dosing, rooting, "carding," etc.)
  10. must not be more than 63 characters in length

Timing rules:

  1. wait 7 days before requesting a new vHost on the same nick
  2. wait 1 day before requesting a new vHost on a grouped nick

Usage rules:

  1. do not use vHosts to ban evade (doing so can lead to a network ban and a vHost ban)

Requesting a vHost

You must have a registered nickname in order to request a vHost.

  1. Type /msg HostServ REQUEST vhost.goes.here
  2. Your request will be filtered by a bot
  3. Your request will then be manually approved by a human (please do not remind us of your request, we automatically get alerted already).
  4. Type /msg HostServ ON after you get a message saying the vHost was approved

Minutiae of the vHost system

When you request a vHost, yes, a bot first checks it. But that request is also seen to the vHost team.

  • So if you keep on pounding the system without correcting your error, we see it. Over and over.

Once a request is vHost bot approved, it is presented to the vHost team with a simple approve or reject choice.

  • When someone on the vHost team sees this message, we determine, based on the clues the vHost bot gives, such things as:
    • If the user has waited long enough before requesting a new vHost.
    • If the content and context of the vHost request pass the rules.
      • This may include checking other language translations.

And then finally, some human on the vHost team will accept or reject the request.

  • This can take from between 13.8 seconds, and a few hours.
    • Not everyone on the vHost team lives in your timezone.
    • Sometimes a vHost team member may defer (put off) an answer pending consultation with other team members.
  • Reminding staff to approve your vHost is nothing but frustrating. The vHost team did see your request in every condition where you got a valid response from the vHost request system. Please wait patiently.

Although a new vhost can be requested instantly if the previous was rejected, please do not experiment with different vHost requests, or put in a default example and expect to change it a few minutes later.

  • If it is accepted in one of those 13.8 second response times, you cannot request a new vHost on that nick for a week (As per timing rules above).

Resolving hosts

To verify the ownership of your domain you need to alter your DNS settings for your domain and add a TXT record. This TXT record for your domain should have the following contents:

To allow anyone to use this domain as vhost:
To only allow nick to request this domain as vhost:
To only allow nick, nick2, and nick3 to request this domain as vhost: