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Qchat/Qwebirc/Rizon Webchat is custom chatting client officially used by Rizon. The client is based off qwebirc developed by slug, but employs a lot of custom coding specially designed for Rizon. You can find the rizon qchat code at https://gitlab.com/rizon/qchat

The qchat version right now is v0.91-rizon1xx which introduced changes such as:

  • Made qchat color selection a bit brighter.
  • Added option for users to connect/SSL connection to RizonBNC.
  • Added prompts for nickserv which help new users register with Rizon.
  • Prompts allow user to identify if nick is registered.
  • Added /color [code] <msg> support. Users are now able to send colored text/bold/italics/underline.
  • Added compatibility tag for IE9.
  • Updated mootools to latest version.

Using qchat

In order to use qchat, simply point your web browser to https://qchat.rizon.net/ input your Nickname and connect away. qchat also runs a SSL instance which can be accessed at https://qchat.rizon.net

Adding qchat to your website

In order to add qchat to your website, simply go to the Rizon qchat page and click the logo on the top left and select "Add webchat to your site." A setup wizard will then prompt you for a few things and give you an embed link.

I just encountered a bug or I would like to request a feature

In order to report bugs or request a feature, please visit bugs/feature page

I need some help with qchat, who should I contact

For more help, please visit #qchat at Rizon or simply follow this link

How to type in color

/color ColorNumber Your Text Goes Here
Code Color Name fg
0 white x
1 black x
2 dark blue (navy blue) x
3 dark green x
4 red x
5 brown x
6 violet x
7 orange x
8 yellow x
9 lime green x
10 teal green x
11 cyan x
12 light blue (royal blue) x
13 pink x
14 grey x
15 light grey (silver) x