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Welcome to the Rizon IRC network. We host a great variety of chat channels, including #4chan. You were linked this page because you asked a question that regards 4chan in the wrong place.

How do I get into the correct channel?

Nickname registration

The #4chan channel has been set restricted to nicknames registered with Rizon's IRC nickname registration service NickServ. To be able to join #4chan you will have to register with NickServ by typing the following command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER yoursecurepassword your@email.com

You only need to change the underlined parts of this message. Be sure to use a valid email-address (not a throwaway!) as you will receive a verification email and this email-address will be used for nickname recovery. This email-address is not visible to other users or the 4chan mods.

For more verbose instructions on how to register your nickname please refer to the Nick Registration page on this wiki.

Note: A registration on mibbit.com is NOT the same as a NickServ registration.

Joining the channel

After you've followed the nickname registration instructions you should have a registered nickname. Congrats! You can now join the channel by typing /join #4chan

Appealing the ban

Follow the instructions as listed on the on the 4chan website.