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In new channels, XOP is the default accesstype, it is built for easy use with only 4 levels, and no configuration.
If you're finding you'd like to change to XOP from another accesstype, for whatever reason, you can come back to it.
/msg ChanServ SET #channel ACCESSTYPE XOP

The levels and modes are as follows:

Level Mode Character
SOP +a &
AOP +o @
HOP +h  %
VOP +v +

Note: the corresponding mibbit icons for these modes can be found here

Adding/Deleting users to/from XOP

Adding: /msg ChanServ SOP #channel ADD nick
Deleting: /msg ChanServ SOP #channel DEL nick
Adding: /msg ChanServ AOP #channel ADD nick
Deleting: /msg ChanServ AOP #channel DEL nick
Adding: /msg ChanServ HOP #channel ADD nick
Deleting: /msg ChanServ HOP #channel DEL nick
Adding: /msg ChanServ VOP #channel ADD nick
Deleting: /msg ChanServ VOP #channel DEL nick

Listing users in XOP

/msg ChanServ level #channel LIST

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