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An introduction to our channel (and we hope you may want to make it yours as well)

Channel #World-Chat was founded on 9 January 2012, and grew into one of the largest channels on DALnet. The number of users has significantly varied over the years, especially with the advent of many new chat clients.

From day one to the present time, #World-Chat remains a friendly channel. It's a great place to meet and make good friends, and get your IRC questions answered. Our goal remains to keep #World-Chat a friendly, family oriented chat channel. We have a nice pool of regular users, and of course our friendly staff. If you have been around and visited here much in the past you might see some nicks you recognize from way back, along with a lot of new folks.

So come on in to #World-Chat, relax and don't worry that you are new and inexperienced...remember, we ALL started out as beginners at one time 😎

  • Latest News: #World-Chat on DALnet has been moved to Rizon IRC Network on August 17, 2019.


Why do we have channel rules?

Well, look at it this way: If the city, town, or country you live in had no laws, the result would be total anarchy where anything and everything goes. That is not what our channel is all about.

We are a channel where the chat doesn't stay x-rated, we don't tolerate flaming others constantly, and we do a lot of help with newbies wanting to get a handle on how to use their IRC client and learn proper IRC etiquette.

Therefore we have some channel rules, and the channel operators (the nicks you see with a @ beside them in most IRC clients) have leeway to take care of anything they believe is getting out of hand, including kicking a user out, and kicking a user as well as banning them. Listen to the ops!

A brief version of our #World-Chat Channel Rules:

1. No harassment of others

2. No advertising of anything in the channel or in private message to others; that includes other channels or IRC networks.

3. No porn

4. No cursing

5. No trolling for dates or cyber sex

6. Users who attempt to spread virii or trojans will be removed from the channel and reported to the Network Staff/Opers

7. No flooding the channel with excessive text, color codes, etc. Over five lines of text within a few seconds will wake up the channel bots and they will ban you

8. Repeating the same text can get you kicked or banned

9. Non-channel staff are NOT to act in the capacity of channel staff, that is, they are not to warn other users of perceived rules violations, or try to convince other users they are authorized to act on the behalf of channel operators, or "I op here or I used to op here, so I can tell you what to do", or any intimidation of other users, or give erroneous help to others.

10. We do -not- deal with channel issues of other channels. If you ran afoul of the rules in another channel, that is between you and that channel's staff. Each channel has its own rules, staff and ownership

The #World-Chat channel staff have the final say-so on what goes on in #World-Chat. So if you are asked to cease doing something by the channel operators, please stop it. You act nice, they will act nice in return. 😊

If you were kicked or banned from the channel for a reason not covered above, don't complain. That's just the way it is, deal with it. The channel operators never do anything without a good reason.

One thing to remember about the many IRC networks and their channels, is every channel is independent of others in it's management and rules (or lack of them). You will be amazed at how many channels have no real set of rules and are run by the whims of the @ .. that is, they'll do whatever whenever they want to.

Internet Relay Chat is quite literally the "Wild Wild West" of the Internet and always has been, so you are on a wild, sometimes fun, sometimes dangerous, sometimes amazing and challenging journey!

Our channel is only one of literally tens of thousands, and we encourage you to have fun and visit! There is a channel for everyone. No matter what your goal is on-line, you will find some like-minded people if you dig around enough on IRC.

Remember, there are many IRC networks as well. If you don't find a channel on network "x" that is to your liking, visit other IRC networks until you do. Not every network has the cool nick and channel management features (ChanServ and NickServ) that Rizon does, some have variations of this, some have none, any nick or channel may be up for grabs.

Our goal in Rizon's #World-Chat channel is to help you to meet decent users from around the world and learn about their culture in a friendly environment.


  • Owner: He-Man (Egypt/South Africa)
  • SOPs: Future (USA); George-Bean (England); Yggdrasil` (Denmark); Kuro-chan (Canada)
  • Aops: SoyLunaFan (USA); antifragilegirl (Eyerack)

Channel Bots (Administered by He-Man)

1. Cringer/BattleCat (Control & Enforcement Bot)
2. Adora/She-Ra (Games & Entertainment Bot)
3. Orko (Games & Entertainment Bot)



Associated Games Channels

In order to keep the conversations flow between users without being interrupted by the games, The Gaming Sub-channels have been created.

  • (All games are handled by the eggdrop channels bots)

Please follow the channel rules and enjoy the games:

1. Be courteous of other players. 2. Refrain from vulgar language when possible. 3. If you have issues please message a channel op.


  1. World-UNO (Marky's Color UNO)

World-UNO's channel website: https://bit.ly/world-uno

A simple UNO game that responds fast, makes use of color, has play shortcuts, and the robot player wins games ;-)

UNO Bot Commands

!unocmds Displays the Commands List !uno Starts the game !stop Stops the game (must be bot owner) !remove Removes you from the game !unowon [nick] Displays [nick] points and games played !unotop10 [games|wins|21] Displays the Top10 scores !unotop3last Displays last month top3 points/games winners !unostats Displays current record holders !unorecords Displays All-Time records

Commands during Play

jo = join ; pl = play Colors: y = yellow; g = green, r = red; b = blue dt = Draw Two, r = Reverse; s = Skip w = Wild ; wd = Wild Draw Four dr = draw ; pa = pass co = color ; ca = cards cd = card on deck ; tu = turn ; od = order ; ct = count ; st = stats ; ti = time

Examples of card play:

to play a blue 4 card: pl b4 to play a red skip card: pl rs to play a yellow draw two card: pl yd to play a wild draw four card: pl wd


Commands .trivia 0 To start playing. .strivia to stop current round. .tt/.topten lists top 10 players.

.rank [nick] - shows yours or given nicks current rank.

.next - skips question.

.themes - lists available question themes.

.theme set - changes current question theme (must be channel founder).


Commands: .on Starts the game. .off Stops the game. q Repeats the question. .stats [nick] Displays game stats of (no reply for unknown player).


  1. Hangman
  • (This game can be played in all the channels that Cringer/BattleCat is in)

Commands: !hs To start the game

!hangman [letter] To guess a letter

!hangman [puzzle] To answer the entire puzzle

!hstats To display the winners


DuckHunt is a game of endless hours of fun!

Commands: !bang Command used to shoot a duck. Don’t forget that sometimes, mistakes happen and you can miss the ducks… Or worse.

!reload Reloads or unjams your weapon. You must have chargers left if you want to reload. They are given back for free everyday, but you can also buy them in the shop.

!shop [item] (for the list of items, please check DuckHunt Website
!lastduck Displays the last seen duck
!duckstats Gets your or another player hunting statistics.


Commands: !hl on [Number] - Turns the game on and tells the bot to pick a number between 0 and 100000. !guess [Number] - Guesses and tells you if your guess was too high or too low.

Channel Bot Commands


The command !links will display all the associated links and subchannels of #world-chat


Search for a person with specified nick. The bot will send a message to the users you were looking for when they enter the channel) Command: !seen ; [nick/ident/host]


See who's on and who's on top! !stat [user/ordering] will count your Words, Letters, Smileys and Idling time. !top10 [lines/words/letters/smileys] will list the top10 active users in the channel. !top20 [lines/words/letters/smileys] will list the top 20 active users in the channel. !ttop10 will display Today's Top 10 active users. !ttop20 will display Today's Top 20 active users. !place [user/ordering] will display what Rank the user holds. !wordstats [user] lists the most used words of the user !topwords lists the most used words in the channel !top10 word [word] lists the top10 people who used [word]

  • All public commands are also accessible via /msg.

("/msg Cringer top10 #world-chat", for example)

Click here to view the Channel's Statistics Index


Gets information about [movie] from IMDb Command: .imdb [movie]


Searches and Returns YouTube Videos Command: !yt [Keywords]

  • (Pasting a YouTube link will also display information about the vid)


  • Answers Yes/No Questions when you ask the bot

Command: 8ball; .8ball ; !8ball [Question]


Command: !ping [Target]

  • (If target is not specified the person will be triggering the script)


  • Sends a random quote to the channel

Command: .quote random

=== WoW (Words of Wisdom)

  • Funny messages posted by the bot when the channel is idle/inactive.

Commands: !wow The bot sends a random message to the channel. !wow [user] The bot sends a random message to the user's PM.

INSULT (J4F = Just for Fun 😋)

  • Makes She-Ra hurl bad insults at yourself and/or others.

Command: !insult [nickname]

  • Warning: Never type !insult She-Ra

External Links

World-Chat Links

---=| CHAT NOW! |=--- #World-Chat FORUM please consider Registering #World-Chat Channel Stats on Rizon #World-Chat Topics (2014-2019) #World-UNO (IRC Game) Website #DuckHunt (IRC Game) Website IRC REFERENCE

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