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A 'vHost' (virtual host) allows users to hide their hostmask (e.g., Rizon-BA37C5B3.rogers.com) with something creative (e.g., i.am.awesome). Colored vHosts can be won via a lottery: VIzon.


Format rules:

  1. must contain a dot (aka . ) and can only contain alphanumeric characters, dots ( . ) and dashes ( - );
    some.vhost   somevhost
  2. must not contain a @
  3. must not be an IP or IP look-a-like   127.o.o.1
  4. must not resolve (basically, the vHost can't point to an actual site);
    not.a.real.website   google.com   rizon.net
  5. must not mimic government organizations (*.gov, *.gc.ca, FBI, etc.) or private organizations which have government affiliation (MPAA, RIAA, etc.);
  6. must not contain the words 'forum', 'ircop', 'admin', 'network', 'rizon', or any IRCop's nick;
  7. must not contain racist words (what is considered racist/derogatory is subject to discretion by vHost team members);
  8. must not refer to other networks/spamming;
    join.my.channel   come.to.irc.blahblahblah.net
  9. must not refer to "kiddy"-like activity. (dosing, rooting, "carding," etc.)

Timing rules:

  1. wait 7 days between vHost requests on the same nick
  2. wait 1 day between vHost requests on grouped nicks

Usage rules:

  1. do not use vHosts to ban evade (doing so can lead to a network ban and a vHost ban)

Requesting a vHost

You must have a registered nickname in order to request a vHost.

  1. Type /msg HostServ REQUEST vhost.goes.here
  2. Your request will be filtered by a bot
  3. Your request will then be manually approved by a human (please do not remind us of your request, we automatically get alerted already).
  4. Type /msg HostServ ON after you get a message saying the vHost was approved

Minutiae of the vHost system

When you request a vHost, yes, a bot first checks it. But that request is also seen to the vHost team.

  • So if you keep on pounding the system without correcting your error, we see it. Over and over.

Once your request is vHost bot approved, it is presented to the vHost team with a simple approve or reject choice.

  • When someone on the vHost team sees this message, we determine, based on the clues the vHost bot gives, such things as:
    • If the 7 day waiting period for new vHost requests has passed.
    • If the content and context of the vHost request passes our rules.
      • This may include checking other language translations.

And then finally, some human on the vHost team will accept or reject the request.

  • This can take from between 13.8 seconds, and a few hours.
    • Not everyone on the vHost team lives in your timezone.
    • Sometimes a vHost team member may defer (put off) an answer pending consultation with other team members.
  • Reminding staff to approve your vHost is nothing but frustrating. The vHost team did see your request in every condition where you got a valid response from the vHost request system. Please wait patiently.

Please do not experiment with different vHost requests, or put in a default example and expect to change it a few minutes later.

  • If it is accepted in one of those 13.8 second response times, you cannot request a new vHost for a week.