User Modes

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Flag Title Description
Modes that prevent certain messages
C No CTCP Prevents users from sending CTCPs to you.
D Deaf Don't receive channel messages.
g Caller ID Only allows users you've /accept'ed to private message you.
G Soft caller ID Only allows users you've /accept'ed, or that are in at least one common channel to you to private message you.
R RegOnly Only allows users who've identified to Nickserv to be able to private message you.
Modes that add privacy
i Invisible Prevents you from showing up in a wildcard /who command. (Automatically set on connect.)
p Private Hides your non common channels, as well as your signon and idle time in a /whois yourNick.
x Cloaked Hides part or all of your hostname. (Automatically set on connect.)
Modes only settable by services or servers
r Registered Only set by services. You get this when you are identified to NickServ.
S SSL Only set by the server. You get this when you connect via SSL.
W CGI:IRC Only set by the server. This means you are connected via either Qchat, RizonBNC, or Mibbit.

Note: Rizon Staff can always Privately Message or CTCP you, and see full whois information.