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James Wulfe


Age 36
Hobbies Computer Tech
Fun Fact I enjoy anime.
Can be found in: #DSorganize #Linux #Foobar #
IRC Status Lurker

About Me

I am a self employed, computer consultant from Kansas City, MO. I have a a Wife and daughter. I spend most of my IRC time on other networks that are much better and friendlier then Rizon but I have been known to frequant Rizon's #Linux help channel. I have been coming to Rizon since 2000 and have been using IRC since 1994. My most noteable Rizon adventures were being founder of #DSOrganize since 2009 when dizzy decided to go mia and tend to his real life but alas since the DS homebrew scene has died that channel has since died with it and become idle.

Contact Info


Skype: JWulfe

Steam: JWulfe

GTalk: okami.designs

Yahoo: okami_designs