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The bastard child of ed`ward and Godzilla, combining the knowledge and manners of ed`ward and the resourcefulness of Godzilla. Born and fully coherent within its first few minutes, though still gender-ambiguous, (s)he is the newest non-human member of #r/a/dio.

edzilla inherits most of ed`ward's language and habits, but is rapidly picking up new tricks based on the comments of other people in the community.


  • flip flips a table
  • flop flops a table
  • .r 1950 kickbans you for 1 minute
  • x is shit gives a tickle-like retort
  • [a range of undocumented words and phrases] trigger TLNotes
  • bye edzilla greets you the next time you say anything
    • You are officially considered gone after 1 minuette has passed
  • -out lists people who said bye and haven't returned yet
  • -np says what's currently on the r/a/dio
  • -lp lists the last 5 songs on the r/a/dio
  • -sex changes nick to edzilla after a netsplit (may require two attempts due to rizon being a trainwreck)
  • -seen cannibal shows when cannibal was last in the channel
  • -fm uses to tell the channel what you're listening to
  • -fma lastfmnick links your irc-nick to lastfmnick for -fm
  • s/old/new/ replaces old with new in your last message<sup>Regex</sup>
  • /msg edzilla join #channel joins if #channel is whitelisted
  • /msg edzilla █████ ██ █████████ makes hanyuu stop streaming


Thanks to revolutionary scientifical breakthroughs, edzilla can be told to remind you about shit in the future.

<code>-remind me in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 8 seconds that you suck </code> will tell you interesting facts about yourself the next time you speak after roughly one and a half our.

Optionally, you can replace me with any person in the channel. You can also do -hilight instead of -remind, which will remind you as soon as anyone (and not just you) speaks after the indicated time, and as long as you're in the channel at the time. Also


edzilla's untimely death was the result of his ultimate sacrifice in order to remove SkyeNet, namely Saki'Senhime and Hoshino'Yumemi.

Despite being outnumbered by the enemies, edzilla and his superior genes managed to take both down,but the wounds suffered in the confrontation ultimately killed him.

He is now regarded as a hero by all of us.