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A list of globals on Rizon I'll try to keep up to date. old: Rizon Globals log 2012


1 Jan

[guu] Happy New Year 2013 to those in EST timezone! We are offering special discounted Air Rizon tickets for a limited time only, interested parties please /msg escnuk3r or /msg Chris


3 Feb

[KillaH] We would like to welcome you to #superbowl for tonights SB game between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. The game starts in approx 6 hours.

[Adam-] Join us in #superbowl for Super Bowl XLVII which kicks off momentarily!

[G] I am happy to announce that Rizon is nearing complete IPv6 support, with the full implementation of IPv4/IPv6 access on a single name. This means for you IPv6 users, you can now connect directly to instead of using Questions please ask, but as always thanks for Flying with Rizon!

7 Feb

[dRunKlOcK] Sorry about that. Squirrel on the network cable. Shot him, nicked the fiber. Thanks for flying with Rizon!

14 Feb

[guu] As much as we're aware that there are many happily(?) single passengers aboard our flight, Rizon crew would still like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Despite everything costs more on this day, Air Rizon brings you quality service for free just as usual - though female passengers are more than welcome to send in chocolate to our crew :)


6 Mar


17 Mar

[guu] Attention please, passengers: if you would like a beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, look for our flight attendant "twi". You can recognize him by his green skirt


2 Apr

[G] Wow. That was fun. Sorry about that. We are investigating the issue which cause that ... Mess... For now I offer my deepest apologies for that, and thanks for still being here :) Rest assured we are working towards a permanent solution for this issue. As always thanks for flying with Rizon, and enjoy the rest of your morning/afternoon/evening/night.


17 May

[guudroid] To those passengers who haven't dozed off yet, please join us in congratulating our beautiful MiMi by /msg MiMi happy birthday!

18 May

[H] Join #eurovision to discuss the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 kicking off in half an hour!


6 June

[Gemini] Join us in #e3 to discuss konami's pre-E3 stream (starts in ~30 minutes).


11 Aug

[troll] Please join us in congratulating strawberry by /msg strawberry happy birthday, fujoshi!

13 Aug

[djahandarie] Sorry for the noise folks. Services will be functional again within a few minutes.


28 Nov

[trip] Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! Enjoy your Turkey!


6 Dec

[djahandarie] Hi folks, sorry for the large split there. Things should be back to normal now.

22 Dec

[guu] Own a large/active channel or plan to get one going? Please read