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(btw efaa's also a grill)
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{{Correct title|User:efaa}}
{{Correct title|User:efaa}}
|Name=efaa, Clear
|Name=efaa, Clear
|Channels=#efaa, #vita
|Status=IRC Operator, Server Administrator
|Status=IRC Operator
|Fact=Hates NoodleCandy
|Hobbies=Hating NoodleCandy, Spying on #vita
==Some info==
===About Me===
===About Me===
Hi I'm efaa/Clear, the mirc cop. Even though hexchat is better.
Hi I'm efaa, the mirc cop.
* May or not be a lizardman
* May or not be afoo

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The correct title of this article is User:efaa. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

efaa, Clear


Age 23
Hobbies None
Fun Fact No fun
Can be found in: #efaa
IRC Status IRC Operator

Some info

About Me

Hi I'm efaa, the mirc cop.


  • May or not be afoo