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Age +-20
Hobbies BPs
Fun Fact No fun
Can be found in: #chat #otherchannelsyoudontneedtoknowabout
IRC Status Amazingness

Random unnecessary information

About Me

Hi! i arrived on Rizon in 2009 (or was it 2008?) thanks to the (now defunct) install0us project during my days in the iShit scene and used to spend most of my time in #chatulous until i decided i was too awesome for them and migrated to the then dead #chat (which was dead until I arrived Of Course) You'll usually find me either banning people or annoying Pleiades

What to do if you ever confront Me

I'll only say this once, DO NOT piss me off, i will single handedly rip your balls off and then rape you with a toothpick. Be nice to the pastries, after decades of being eaten and excreted as poo (and sometimes vomit) we have decided to take revenge on man kind by choking them while being swallowed or blocking the colon leading to a very painful sensation similar to giving birth (not that I've been pregnant, mind you.)


  • I could not get the original picture i wanted as my avatar to work so now you get to stare at a white shadow with a question mark the size of my arm banging against its brain with a black background; hooray!
  • Other nicks include, Why, Cup, silly, Carmen_Sandiego and Collet

Enjoy This Picture

Totally SFW