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About #UK

  • Founded November 28th 2010
  • Free op day every Sunday
  • Current channel peak: The peak for #uk is 255 users. It was set on 07/Jan/14 at 10:14 PM.
  • Brits get the ability to unban themselves (access level 10) by default.
  • Higher ChanServ access is distributed to high-scoring chatters on the stats page: UK Chanstats

How To Join

Click here to visit #uk via webchat.

If you already have an irc client, click here to connect.
If your irc client does not support irc:// urls, you can simply point it at on port 6667, then /join #uk

Free OP Day

Every Sunday in #UK we have free op day, where access to .op is given to all voiced users; and access to .protect is given to the top 10 on the stats leaderboard.

To take part register your nick, and /msg #uka can I have voice access in #uk?

Stats Leaderboard

This week's winners are:

Lead Op (Level 50): #1 kimi
Ops (Level 41+): #2 DPR #3 kamper #4 Mac101 #5 MissBailey #6 GAME_IS_OVER #7 Zanith #8 seth #9 sarahsays #10 HelderHeid

Lead Halfop (Level 30): #1 Cano
Halfops (Level 21+): #2 Nekobot #3 SP3 #4 bean_curd #5 Spaceleopard #6 mousepad #7 shutuploser #8 Phy #9 wildting2 #10 Emily

How It Works

After permanent ops, duplicate nicks, bots, and banned users have been filtered from the stats top 50 at UK Chanstats:

The top 10 users are given Operator privileges; with the lead op gaining the ability to kick anonymously using ChanServ.
The top 20 users are given Halfop privileges; with the lead halfop gaining the ability to change the channel topic using ChanServ.
The remaining users are given level 10 access; British users are given this by default!

All ops and halfops are given access to the .access add/del command, with their levels staggered to avoid op vs. op conflict.
This serves the dual purpose of allowing them to reward their friends and allies with upgraded access; and penalise lower ranking users with downgraded or deleted access.
The ops are given access levels from 50 to 41 in descending order.
The halfops are given access levels from 30 to 21 in descending order.

A user's access level can found via .access list username or /cs access #uk list username
It is suggested to penalise/reward users by downgrading/upgrading their access one level at a time.
It's a way to keep score, not a way of settling the score.

Stats are collected over a rolling two week period; so a short absence can cause a drop in your rank.
It's tough but fair, don't take being demoted personally. If you've treated your friends well, it's possible one of them will offer you an upgrade.

Super-Op Election

We're holding an election this month to cleanse the access list of inactive users, choose three new Super-Ops and grant bonus levels to active users. - Voting is open!

At the end of the nomination period all users with more than level 10 access who fail to be nominated will have their access reset to level 10. This includes users over level 70.
You can check on this with /ns glist and set the group's main nick with /ns set display new-display-nick Failing to use the right nick could mean your access is reset by mistake and you have to ask #uka for it back.
The first five runners up will get bonus levels automatically added to their access after future stats leaderboard updates, with +5 levels awarded to the first, +5 to the second, etcetera.

Any perm/sops will have the bonus added to their current access level; it will revert to an auto-bonus if they lose permops. They will also be considered 'runners up' even if they place in the top 3, with the first non-sop user being considered the overall winner and gaining level 70 access.
To give everyone a chance to retain their access, nominations took place over a period of three weeks. It is now too late to be nominated.

The nomination phase started Sunday 28/05/17 and closed Sunday 18/06/17
The voting phase started Sunday 18/06/17 and will close Sunday 03/07/17.

How to Participate

To see the list of nominees type:


To vote for the nominee you would like to win:

!votefor nick

where nick is the nominee you want to win.

Soliciting Votes

If you must solicit votes from other channels, do it like this:

<Yournick> Would any of you mind voting for me in another channel's +ao election?

You don't have to quote it exactly if you know how to be reasonable.
If people agree to vote for you or ask about the channel name; /invite them to #uk or send them This URL via private message.
Do NOT mention #UK in another channel unless you're an op there, or an op has told you it is ok to do so.



During previous elections there were many complaints from other channel owners about spam.
To combat this, anyone who does spam in a way that publicly shames #UK will be akicked; and the people who report the spam will decide the ban length. HISTORICALLY AT LEAST ONE PERSON IS AKICKED PER ELECTION; DON'T BE THAT GUY.

Election spam includes but is not limited to:
Mentioning #uk by name in other channels whilst soliciting nomination/votes
Bulk private messaging multiple users soliciting nomination/votes
Repeatedly harassing individual users or channels for votes.
Continuing to spam after being warned by a +q user will be considered Cheating.


Non-nominee users found cheating or attempting to cheat will be penalised 10 access levels, with the penalty doubling for each repeat after the user is first penalised.
If a user's access level drops below zero, the user will be akicked for the equivalent number of days.

Nominees found cheating will be penalised 10 access levels and 10 votes; with the above also applying.
If a nominee's votes drop below zero, they will be disqualified from the election. This will cause their access to be reset to level 10 before the access penalty is applied and likely result in an akick so DON'T BE THAT GUY.

Bot Commands

Tserv: ([1]backup command list)
!last username = Shows when a user was last seen, or what they last said
!fml = Random F My Life quote
!ud = Urban Dictionary search
!g = Google search
!yt = Youtube search
!w = Weather search
!troll = Display a random troll
!fight a vs b = Google fight
!bash = Fetches a random quote from
!peak = Displays the current highest user peak of the channel
!wiki = Wiki search
!imdb <movie> = Displays current information about the movie you specified from the internet movie database (broken | fixed)
URL Title script <enabled>
Plus many more.


1) You can not have your cake and eat it.
3) No doing things that cause you to be accused of breaking the rules.
4) When the channel is active, tone down the spam and bot abuse or face the wrath of rules 2 & 3.
5) Don't complain to Underdose.
6) Don't complain to #Services - they've been instructed to ignore complaints from anyone not +a/&.
7) Rule 2 is a closely guarded secret.

Having Your Cake And Eating It

Having your cake and eating it: Sounds awesome, right? Wrong.
This should be pretty obvious, but it comes up repeatedly, so pay close attention:

Don't try to hold people to standards you do not hold yourself to.
When you respond in kind to abuse then complain afterwards; you are fighting fire with fire then filing a complaint for arson.
If you want a complaint dealt with, don't be an arsonist: If you have no moral highground, your complaint is invalid.
If you are abusive, you lose the right to be offended: If you are offended, you lose the right to be abusive.
If you have a cake to show someone, use pastebin or a similar service.

Reporting Abuse

If you feel you are being unfairly abused and that you've broken no rules, you can get help via /msg #uka
For example:

/msg #uka bbc keeps kicking me, i've done nothing wrong:

Messages to #uka are received by all of the sops/+a users, so you are likely to get a reply faster than if you picked and messaged someone directly.

Access levels

Foreigners (level 4): FANTASIA 1, VOICEME 2, INVITE 2, GETKEY 2, AUTOVOICE 2,
Brits/Top 50 (level 10): KICK 5, ACC-LIST 5, UNBAN 10,
Halfops/Top 20 (level 20+): HALFOPME 15, VOICE 20, AUTOHALFOP 20, ACC-CHANGE 20
Lead Halfop (level 30) TOPIC 30
Ops/Top 10 (level 40)+: OPDEOPME 35, AUTOOP 40
Lead Op (level 50): SIGNKICK 50
Admins (level 60/70): HALFOP 60 OPDEOP 60 BAN 60, NOKICK 60, PROTECTME 60, PROTECT 70, AUTOPROTECT 70, AKICK 70, SAY 70

About this page

The user-edited content of this wiki page is free to use and modify without attribution, just try not to make it suck.
If you need help implementing any of the above in your own channel don't be afraid to drop in and ask.
- Underdose