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Channel Commands

If you are in a channel and you wish to send a message only to a certain rank, let's say channel operators. You can use the following command:

/msg @#<channel> <message>

This will instruct the server to send the message only to people who are a channel operators or higher.

Modes Command
Voice or higher /msg +#<channel> <message>
Halfop or higher /msg %#<channel> <message>
Operator or higher /msg @#<channel> <message>
Admin/Protected or higher /msg &#<channel> <message>
Owner or higher /msg ~#<channel> <message>

Github's IRC Service

Github has a nice IRC service which allows you to get notified about people pushing code or new issues being created inside your IRC channel. However by default it does not join the channel. You can configure it to join your channel, but it will still merely connect to send the message and then leave again, which can be fairly noisy when you get a lot of code pushed. A solution you can use is to have the github announcer connect to a BNC (can be your own, or RizonBNC) and have that idle in the channel. That way you can leave it at the default setting, which is do not join the channel, and can still send the message, since your BNC is in the channel.

Note: This also applies to Gitlab's IRC service