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The #stop-irc-bullying channel is a channel created by the Stop IRC Bullying Foundation. Anyone who is bullied on IRC is welcome. People who have joined can share what concerns them, ask for help on how to handle and fight bullying or just support our organisation. It is a warm and fuzzy place where everyone is equal. Acting a dick will not be tolerated and get you banned immediately.

In general the Stop IRC Bullying Foundation fights against bullies and bullying on IRC. We are against bullying and harassment on IRC and want that everyone on IRC is treated nicely. Bullying on IRC is a very serious issue and should be seen as that - it just does not belong there.

Note that this is not limited to the Rizon IRC Network - it is for IRC in general! IRC-bully-victims of other networks are welcome too!

We are always looking for volunteers who can help adding helpful content to our website. We want to make it a place where IRC users can read up on bullying and harassment on IRC, how to prevent it and what one can do if getting bullied by another user. We also want to create a best practice guide what a IRC-bullying victim can to and where to complain to. If you are interested in volunteering just tell us on #stop-irc-bullying - don't be shy!

The foundations website: Stop IRC Bullying Foundation