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Network Staff

If you have an issue that requires network staff, please /join #services and ask in there. It is the fastest way to get your problem solved.

IRC Operators Services Operators Channel Services Operators Services Administrators Network Administrators
Opers assist users and ensure that network rules are followed.

List of IRC Operators

SOs assist with services-related issues.

List of Services Operators

CSOs assist with services- and channel-related issues.

List of Channel Services Operators

SAs maintain the network and have full access to services.

List of Services Administrators

NAs handle major network issues and appoint other levels of administrators/operators.

List of Network Administrators


In addition to the network staff, there are a number of teams (sometimes composed of network staff, sometimes not) to help out with running various parts of Rizon.

Help Team vHost Team Development Team Abuse Team KLine Team Routing Team
The help team is the first line of support for all user questions and concerns.

Channel: #help

List of Help Team

The vHost team approves vHosts and makes sure they abide with the rules.

List of vHost Team

The development team develops new services and tools for users.

Project Repository

Channel: #dev

List of Developers

The abuse team handles all staff abuse issues.

Email: irc.abuse at

Channel: #abuse

The KLine team reviews network bans. If you wish to discuss a ban, submit a ticket on

List of KLine Team

The routing team is responsible for new server links and operating the network infrastructure.

Channel: #routing

List of Routing Team