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Hey Guys Its slamm..

Slamm is a unfunny Australian wannabe youtuber who studies computer science at University of .

Modus Operadi

Slamm primarily hangs out in #vg with other losers such as Ryu77 and skew. He used to advertise his youtube channel and get his friends to thumbs up his videos but eventually gave up because his friends couldn't take his boring videos.

Almost Making it Big

At one point slamm's cs go video gained over 10,000 views in a mere few days making it seem he had a chance at truly succeeding at youtube. He failed to follow up because he is a hack and his videos never were funny. Some of the characteristics of his videos include:

  • Awful, Monotone Australian voice
  • Attempts at "antihumor" which only backfire
  • "Ironic" reviews of exclusively bad games.


Make sure to thumbs down all his videos to not promote him.