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Rizon can be connected to with the following information:

Secure (SSL/TLS): 6697 or 9999
Insecure: 6660-6670 or 7000
(Other ports may be available upon request.)

You are automatically directed to the closest server to you when you connect to


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Note: You cannot connect directly to servers, you will just be redirected to These are listed for informational purposes only.

North America

Name Location Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada Berkeley County, SC, United States Chicago, IL, United States Dallas, TX, United States Los Angeles, CA, United States Raleigh, NC, United States The Dalles, OR, United States


Name Location Helsinki, Finland Oslo, Norway Stockholm, Sweden Roubaix, France Paris, France Bucharest, Romania London, England Frankfurt am main, Germany


Name Location Tokyo, Japan Hong Kong, Hong Kong

SSL Details

Since June 18th 2017, Rizon servers use Let's Encrypt certificates.

We believe this to be a better solution than a single standard certificate, as the Let's Encrypt certificates

  1. expire faster (reducing the amount of time a stolen certificate could be used by an attacker),
  2. are per-server (so an attacker who has server X's key wouldn't be able to decrypt traffic encrypted to server Y's certificate), and
  3. are much easier to rotate.

Linking a Server

If you'd like to link your own server to the Rizon Chat Network, please read the "I want to link my server to Rizon" article.