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You should always try connecting via before attempting to connect to any of the following servers. If the domain of the server listed cannot be resolved, don't ask for the IP, as we don't give out the IP for any of the servers.


Use 6660-6670 and 7000 for standard connections & 6697/9999 for secure (SSL) connections. Other ports may be available upon request.


The IPv6 connection address is Again, always attempt to use this address before connecting to individual IPv6 servers.

Note: As of February 2013, it is now possible to connect with IPv6 by using instead of *


North America

Address Location IPv6 Philadelphia, PA, United States Yes* - Denver, CO, United States Yes* - Phoenix, AZ, United States No Dallas, TX, United States Yes - San Jose, CA, United States Yes* - Central US No Chicago, IL, United States No Seattle, WA, United States No


Address Location IPv6 Dublin, Ireland No Naaldwijk, Netherlands No Oslo, Norway Yes* - Ireland No Stockholm, Sweden Yes* - Vilhelmina, Sweden No Gravelines, France Yes* -


Address Location IPv6 Tokyo, Japan No

*: To use, you may have to "force" your client to connect using IPv6.

SSL Details

You can verify the data below by using these commands:


openssl s_client -connect < /dev/null 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -in /dev/stdin

Expiry date:

openssl s_client -connect < /dev/null 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -dates -noout -in /dev/stdin

North America

Server SHA1 Fingerprint Expires 15:01:59:FE:4C:09:16:C1:34:24:A3:12:BC:28:32:23:29:22:D9:E1 Jul 23 21:52:39 2016 GMT 71:FF:BA:81:2F:4F:6F:1F:D7:6B:47:FE:85:50:94:96:AC:94:11:A0 Dec 27 15:47:43 2015 GMT 00:85:B8:0B:BF:8D:F4:B5:08:8A:FC:48:29:6D:5F:F5:6C:5F:04:1B Jun 8 00:11:40 2016 GMT 55:6D:6A:9C:4F:1D:81:83:30:A8:E6:C7:B8:51:28:73:09:4B:00:83 Jul 24 13:23:12 2016 GMT D1:83:F0:F3:21:1A:16:1C:5F:90:34:90:63:BB:A9:6E:BA:D8:C8:BF Mar 30 21:48:30 2017 GMT 91:84:B9:0B:9C:DB:2F:A3:34:D6:28:00:6B:71:5C:3B:E3:7C:0C:D5 Jul 24 13:23:11 2016 GMT F6:93:02:CD:34:FC:E8:04:A8:81:6D:20:19:84:46:D0:57:BE:6B:92 Aug 17 08:20:53 2017 GMT


Server SHA1 Fingerprint Expires 0C:27:8F:10:FE:52:A0:A9:A3:26:9B:94:AA:ED:7D:4E:DE:9F:9F:C7 Nov 16 17:48:00 2015 GMT B6:16:FA:67:5A:0D:78:3B:1E:4A:20:8D:22:E6:30:92:2B:86:4A:D5 Jun 30 15:19:42 2017 GMT 71:3F:40:11:92:17:FF:60:49:CD:EB:A7:2B:90:71:12:75:94:D1:B5 Jul 24 13:23:20 2016 GMT 66:55:B5:3B:AE:91:C4:CF:68:DD:A0:C9:40:15:BB:DF:A8:82:46:2C Dec 11 08:29:47 2017 GMT 9E:6A:7E:15:CB:16:C4:D6:EA:07:AA:4B:43:F4:7E:9A:E3:FC:4E:45 Jul 4 20:52:04 2015 GMT DB:F7:7F:91:6C:F8:54:E3:9F:B7:AB:01:91:33:71:E1:1B:37:D1:8A Jul 20 16:07:34 2017 GMT C8:19:5C:7A:12:DD:2F:70:64:38:CB:30:16:49:B9:C3:6F:EB:0A:E7 May 8 05:04:27 2017 GMT


Server SHA1 Fingerprint Expires 5F:1D:F4:AE:BA:80:16:E8:87:A1:D7:B4:F9:A1:91:6C:50:49:3B:1C Jul 24 10:42:03 2016 GMT