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The Dalles, OR, United States;
The Dalles, OR, United States;
Dublin, Ireland;
Dublin, Ireland;
St. Ghislain, Belgium;
Oslo, Norway;
Oslo, Norway;
Vilhelmina, Sweden;
Vilhelmina, Sweden;

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Rizon can be connected to with the following information:

Insecure: 6660-6670 or 7000
Secure (SSL/TLS): 6697 or 9999

Other ports may be available upon request.


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Note: You cannot connect directly to servers, you will just be redirected to irc.rizon.net. These are listed for informational purposes only.

North America

Name Location
irc.namreeb.org Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada
irc.broke-it.com Philadelphia, PA, United States
magnet.rizon.net Berkeley County, SC, United States
irc.sxci.net Chicago, IL, United States
irc.rizon.sexy Council Bluffs, IA, United States
irc.rizon.io Dallas, TX, United States
solenoid.rizon.net The Dalles, OR, United States


Name Location
irc.x2x.cc Dublin, Ireland
irc.rizon.no Oslo, Norway
irc.infoqb.se Vilhelmina, Sweden
irc.uworld.se Stockholm, Sweden
irc.rizon.club Roubaix, France


Name Location
irc.losslessone.com Tokyo, Japan
irc.rizon.rocks Changhua County, Taiwan

SSL Details

Servers serve a SSL certificate for irc.rizon.net with certificate chain

0 s:/OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=Gandi Standard SSL/CN=irc.rizon.net
  i:/C=FR/ST=Paris/L=Paris/O=Gandi/CN=Gandi Standard SSL CA 2
1 s:/C=FR/ST=Paris/L=Paris/O=Gandi/CN=Gandi Standard SSL CA 2
  i:/C=US/ST=New Jersey/L=Jersey City/O=The USERTRUST Network/CN=USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
2 s:/C=US/ST=New Jersey/L=Jersey City/O=The USERTRUST Network/CN=USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
  i:/C=SE/O=AddTrust AB/OU=AddTrust External TTP Network/CN=AddTrust External CA Root

and fingerprint: