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SASL is a way to identify to your registered nickname during the connection to the network, ensuring that you don't have to manually identify to services. To use SASL you need a registered nickname.

Configuring your client to use SASL

Rizon supports both PLAIN and EXTERNAL SASL mechanisms. Instructions for configuring SASL PLAIN can be found below:


Note: You need Irssi version >=0.8.18 to use SASL

/NETWORK ADD -sasl_mechanism plain -sasl_username <nickname> -sasl_password <password> rizon


/set irc.server.rizon.addresses
/set irc.server.rizon.sasl_mechanism plain
/set irc.server.rizon.sasl_username username (nick)
/set irc.server.rizon.sasl_password password


As login method select SASL (username + password). In the password field enter your nickserv password.


To configure SASL EXTERNAL first set up CertFP, then set the following settings in your client:


/NETWORK ADD -sasl_mechanism external rizon
/SERVER ADD -auto -tls -tls_verify -tls_cert ~/.irssi/certs/Rizon.pem -network rizon -port 6697


/set irc.server.rizon.addresses
/set irc.server.rizon.ssl on
/set irc.server.rizon.ssl_verify on
/set irc.server.rizon.ssl_cert %h/ssl/Rizon.pem
/set irc.server.rizon.sasl_mechanism external


Note: The pem file should have the same as it appears in the serverlist (Ctrl+S). The generated .pem file you generated should be in ~/.config/hexchat/certs/Rizon.pem for Linux/Unix users, and %appdata%\HexChat\certs\Rizon.pem for Windows users. As login method select SASL EXTERNAL (cert). If the file exists all your subsequent connections to the network will use the certificate.