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Andre Popescu


Age 24
Hobbies blacked.com
Fun Fact still no gf ( ° ͜ °)
Can be found in: #/vg/ #/g/tv
IRC Status Fat faggot

Andre Popescu irc alias Ryu77 seen here is a big, fat, foreveralone German faggot who can be found alone in his room crying as he masturbates to blacked.com

He can can usually be found chatting in #/vg/ but sometimes appears in #/g/tv where is tries to seduce Quil into being his online girlfriend.

Background And Personal Life

Andre Popescu lives in Frankfurt Germany where he works part-time while studying finance and computer science.

Andre Has never been able to get himself a girlfriend and was forced to lose his virginity to a cheap Asian prostitute which he regrets to this day.

Hobbies and Interests