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Symbol Description
u Unofficial Help
Channel Average usercount Description Category Registered
#/a/ 60 No talking! /a/ 2009 July
#/b/ 10 /b/ullshit /b/ 2012 Jan
#/biz/ 05 Finances, idling /biz/ 2014 Feb
#/ck/ 20 Hungry, hungry virgins /ck/ 2008 Aug
#/co/ 15 Cartoons and Comics /co/ 2019 Feb
#/d/ 05 Hentai/Alternative /d/ 2014 May
#/g/sicp 100 Programming and drama http://g.sicp.me/ /g/ 2019 Apr
#/g/tech 60 Children that try to act mature only /g/ 2009 May
#/g/technology 200 Everything from ASIC to ZFS - Teknik /g/ 2012 Mar
#/g/tv 100 Children only /g/ 2008 Sep
#/g/wdg 20 Web Development General /g/ 2018 Dec
#/jp/ 40 /v/ and /a/ and circlejerking /jp/ 2008 Feb
#/jp/shows 05 Japanese shows /jpshows/ 2016 May
#/k/ 15 Paranoid gun owners /k/ 2008 Feb
#/pol/ 40 Pseudo-nazism, racism, ``freedom of speech /pol/ 2011 Nov
#/prog/ 10 Idlers only /prog/ 2009 Aug
#/music/ 50 The pathetic lives of people who listen to music from time to time /mu/ 2009 Jan
#maybe 20 Crazy but nice people talking to bots and looking at cat gifs Chats 2016 Jan
#/mu/radio 15 Music discussion /mu/ 2014 Feb
#/sp/ 60 Sports discussion, mainly popular USA leagues (NFL/NBA/MLB/NASCAR/NCAA). /sp/ 2019 Apr
#/tv/shows 80 Television /tv/ 2016 Jan
#/v/ 140 Video games and animes /v/ 2006 Nov
#/vp/ 50 Pokémon /vp/ 2019 Aug
#/vp/drawfags 30 Pokémon and drawing /vp/ 2018 Oct
#4chan 200 Official 4chan channel (not as bad as that sounds) 4chan 2004 Nov
#AdiIRC 25 Rizon's Help Channel for the AdiIRC Client. Support 2019 Nov
#AlterIWNet 10 Now defunct channel for the old alterIWnet project Gaming 2018 May
#asylum 20 The only mental institution you will ever need to be committed to! General 2014 Oct
#atheism 10 discussion of atheism, agnosticism, philosophy, etc... philosophy 2013 Apr
#atlantis 05 Welcome to the lost city General 2019 Nov
#bored 05 bored? we can help! boredom 2014 May
#cannabis 20 support channel for the legalization of the cannabis plant for medicinal and recreational use Activism 2014 Jan
#canv.as 05 Remixing and Super-SFW circlejerking. RIP Canv.as - 2011-2014 Canv.as 2012 Jan
#Chat 250 Officially endorsed (but not official) Rizon channel for general discussion General 2006 Sep
#cisco 05 Networking General Technology 2015 Jun
#ComputerTech 210 ComputerTech's channel for random chatter General 2020 Oct
#desktopthread 05 I miss the real !WiNdowsNME ;__; http://desktopthread.com/ /g/ 2009 Feb
#DEVELOPERS 35 Coding and left-wing politics 2011 April
#diy 10 https://sites.google.com/site/diyelmo/ /diy/ 2018 Nov
#DontJoinItsATrap 50 The name is misleading, I assure you. General 2009 Feb
#DuckHunt 20 A Game of Endless Hours of Fun! http://duckhunt.ml Gaming 2019 Aug
#EliteBNC 45 EliteBNC Bouncer Services/Support BNC Services 2015 Nov
#footfetish 10 Feet/anime/random General 2015 May
#Fluffington 40 We have porn General 2014 Jan
#Help 200 Rizon, IRC Related help Rizon support 2003 June
#k 25 k General 2006 July
#KeiichiNetRadio 10 Anime Radio http://radio.keiichi.net/ Music 2007 Aug
#kpop 10 #/g/tv offshoot. Linux and kpop talk. Korean Pop 2015 May
#Lobby 45 Inane chatter with relaxed rules and plenty of mafiazone! General 2011 Oct
#mIRC-Script 10 mIRC, IRC, and Scripting Help (Contents include Helper Bot) Help 2011 Oct
#MLPFiM 20 Discussion of the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the My Little Pony™ brand. Entertainment 2012 Mar
#New 20 24/7 Streaming News + Trading Action [1] News 2014 May
#Newsroom 30 24/7 Streaming News + Trading Action [2] News 2014 May
#nl 40 Home of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Anything Dutch 2013 Jul
#perwl 60 Pro Idle League /g/ 2010 Feb
#Preppers 30 Home to the American Preppers Network, and all associated networks General 2009 Dec
#psychology 05 Everything about the mind and soul Psychology 2014 Apr
#r/a/dio 260 Music and animes /a/ 2009 Aug
#r9k 30 well-mannered inderviduals 2012 Nov
#Rizon 170 I don't know what this channel is for Rizon 2006 Sep
#RizonBNC 200 RizonBNC information channel Rizon 2009 Jul
#RizonIRPG 300 http://idlerpg.rizon.net/ Rizon 2007 Jun
#techloligy 10 Technology /g/ 2019 Jan
#thehappening 55 Hyperbolic discussion of major news events (warfare, terrorism, riots, disasters, etc). Current Events 2013 Apr
#tokiko 20 General otaku, shut-in, and NEET discussion. Technology, philosophy, anime, music chat welcome. General 2012 Dec
#toonami 10 Adult Swim's Toonami Fan channel for all their anime Shows every Saturday starting at 11:30PM Eastern Time. Anime 2013 Nov
#Uk 150 Home channel to Rizon's British users. Free Op Day every sunday! Active 2010 Nov
#VIzon 120 The Rizon lottery channel Rizon 2011 Jun
#World-Chat 55 A chatroom for decent people from around the world. General 2019 Aug
#World-UNO 35 A simple UNO game for Eggdrop that plays much like other UNO bots, responds much faster, makes use of color, and the robot player actually wins games 😉 Gaming 2019 Aug
#yolo N/A An asinine channel for asinine people Entertainment 2017 Nov
#Zenk-security-offtopic 15   2011 Apr
#Zenk-security 70   2014 Sep
#ゆっくりしていってね!!! 10   2018 Oct