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If you'd like to get rid of the (default) XOP management system in your channel altogether, and change it to the ACCESS management system instead, all you must do is enter:

/msg ChanServ SET #channel ACCESSTYPE ACCESS

Adding User to ACCESS

To add a user to the channel access list (permanent user access level): /msg ChanServ ACCESS #channel ADD nick level

Default Levels
Access Title Access Level Level Symbol
Voice 3 +
HalfOp 4 %
Op 5 ~ 9 @
Protected / S(uper)Op / Admin 10 ~ 9999 &

Changing Level Meaning

The powerful thing about the ACCESS management system is that you can change what Access Level (number) is required to use a specific feature.

  • To view a list of features:
    /msg ChanServ HELP LEVELS DESC
  • To view the current levels list:
    /msg ChanServ LEVELS #channel LIST
  • Changing required access level for a feature:
    /msg ChanServ LEVELS #channel SET feature level
  • Disabling a feature (so only the founder can use it):
    /msg ChanServ LEVELS #channel DISABLE feature
  • Resetting default levels:
    /msg ChanServ LEVELS #channel RESET
  • Give auto-voice to all users joining the channel (not possible with XOP management system):
    /msg ChanServ LEVELS #channel SET AUTOVOICE 0