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A bouncer (BNC) is a service that:

  • lets you stay connected 24/7 on IRC, and
  • stores messages while you are offline.

Rizon offers this service for FREE, but the bouncer can only be connected to Rizon, not other networks.


  1. Use the bouncer at least once every 2 weeks.
  2. Do not advertise channels, flood or spam.
  3. Do not use /amsg or /ame (messages all channels).
  4. Follow network rules (/motd in your IRC client to view them).
  5. One BNC account per person.

Your BNC will be removed if a rule is broken.

Request instructions

  1. You must have a registered nick for at least 7 days.
  2. /join #RizonBNC
  3. Depending on where you live, /msg RizonBNC request EU or /msg RizonBNC request US
  4. Wait for the BNC to be manually approved.
  5. Once approved, you will receive a memo from MemoServ.
  6. Follow the instructions in the memo to connect to your BNC. (To check your memos, /ms read last)

You cannot switch between EU and US after your initial choice, and neither the ident or realname can be changed after your request has been approved.

First connection

In a number of cases, users may not be able to get their login information when getting a RizonBNC for the first time, due to a bouncer coming online and taking their only nick, and the user is therefore left unable to get the memo with their login information. The standard solution is to group an alternate nick to get the memo, as follows:

Pick an alternate nick of your choice

  • /nick yournick_

Group to your original nick

  • /msg Nickserv group YourNick YourPassword

Read the memo, and get your information

  • /msg Memoserv read last

Your memo should look something like this:

-MemoServ- Memo 1 from RizonBNC (Oct 31 23:59:59 2013 MDT). To delete, type: /msg MemoServ DEL 1
-MemoServ- It is with great pleasure that we inform you that your BNC application has been APPROVED. To log on to your BNC, connect to RizonBNC.us.rizon.net on port 1234 for non-SSL and port 12345 for SSL with the server password 'yournick:25p0ok1'. Thank you for flying Rizon!

You can then use your server/login credentials as shown below.

To replace auto-generated password with the one you desire, see #Getting a new password.

Usage instructions

Instead of connecting to Rizon, you connect to the bouncer.

/server rizonbnc.LOCATION.rizon.net PORT USER:BNCPASSWORD

  • Replace LOCATION with either us or eu
  • Replace PORT with either 1234 for non-SSL, or +12345 for SSL.
  • Replace USER with your username.
  • Replace BNCPASSWORD with your BNC password.

(KVIrc users: Use the command /server -p=USER:BNCPASSWORD rizonbnc.LOCATION.rizon.net PORT)


See /msg *status HELP to view your available options.

Viewing messages from when you were offline

  • PMs: please read /msg *simple_away HELP Yes, use the *.
  • Channel messages: for each channel you want messages from, /msg *status SETBUFFER #channel 100 will send you the last 100 messages on the channel when you connect to the BNC.
    • You can set the buffer for all channels at once by using * as the channel, e.g. /msg *status SETBUFFER * 100
    • The maximum amount of lines you can set for a channel buffer is 1000.

Automatically identify with NickServ

You can use this module which automatically identifies you with NickServ, in case the connection to the network got lost and you rejoin with GuestXXXXX

Set your NickServ password:

  • /msg *nickserv SET password Yes, use the *.


If you want to leave for >2 weeks, reapprove an inactive BNC, or anything else: /join #RizonBNC, ask, and wait until someone responds.

Getting a new password

When logged in to the BNC

  1. /join #RizonBNC
  2. /msg RizonBNC CHANGEPASS DesiredPasswordHere

When not logged in to the BNC, and your nickname is in use

  1. Group your current nick with your main one /msg NickServ GROUP MainNick Password
  2. /join #RizonBNC
  3. /msg RizonBNC CHANGEPASS DesiredPasswordHere
  4. Connect using your normal username and the new password to the server you were assigned to, e.g. UserName:DesiredPasswordHere

BNC access on the go

If you want to access your BNC from a different computer that doesn't have IRC software installed...

Rizon Qchat
  1. Go to http://qchat.rizon.net
  2. Enter your nick and select either "RizonBNC US" or "RizonBNC EU" from list.
  3. In password field, enter user:password. (Note: Both the username and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE.)
  4. Click on connect!

For example, if your BNC username is JoeBob, your BNC password is p4ssw0rd, and you have an account on the EU BNC, log in like this:

RizonBNC qchat.png

Note: The password will be starred out on your computer, it is only shown here for demonstration purposes.

  1. Go to http://mibbit.com/chat/.
  2. Click on 'Server' and 'Auth'.
  3. Enter rizonbnc.us.rizon.net:1234 into the 'Server address' field.
  4. Change the dropdown from 'NickServ' to 'Pass'.
  5. Enter your RizonBNC password in the format user:pass.
  6. You won't need to change the nick, and you can leave the channel parameter out. Hit Enter.

For SSL: Change step 3 to rizonbnc.us.rizon.net:+12345 as the address. If you don't know what SSL is, then use the normal address.

For EU BNC: Change step 3 to rizonbnc.eu.rizon.net:1234 as the address. (For EU SSL: rizonbnc.eu.rizon.net:+12345)

For example, if your BNC username is JoeBob, your BNC password is p4ssw0rd, and you have an account on the US BNC, log in like this:

RizonBNC mibbit.png

Note: Password would normally be starred out, it is only shown for demonstration purposes.

  1. Go to ChatZilla > Preferences.
  2. Change the 'Nickname' field to your desired BNC nick. If you do not modify this setting it will change to that nickname as soon as you connect to your BNC.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the text bar below, type /server rizonbnc.us.rizon.net:1234 user:pass, and hit Enter.

For SSL: Change step 4 to /sslserver rizonbnc.us.rizon.net:12345 user:pass.

For EU BNCs: If you have a European BNC the address is rizonbnc.eu.rizon.net

You should be in, if you're not then you typed your user and password incorrectly, or you went to the incorrect server.