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If you have forgotten your nick's password:

  1. Type this to request a reset:
    /msg NickServ RESETPASS YourNick
  2. After issuing that command, an e-mail message from, with a passcode, will be sent to the e-mail address registered to your nick. Copy and paste the command from your email (without quotation marks) within 24 hours, or else the passcode will expire:
    /msg NickServ ENTERCODE nickname passcode-from-email
  3. NickServ will then assign you a temporary password with the message Password changed to TempPassword. You can now identify to your nick by using the temporary password:
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY TempPassword
  4. After you have successfully identified to your nick, you can change the password to your own choice:
    /msg NickServ SET PASSWORD new-password-of-your-choice