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R/a/dio's fair lady.

#R/a/dio is a channel centered around R/a/dio, a 24/7 internet radio station dedicated to playing a broad range of musical genres, most of them tailored to /a/.


#r/a/dio was founded August 20th 1896 2009 during the first R/a/dio thread, started by DynamicEntry. Ghostlyy, the current God-King, was present and aided in setting up the channel.

Interesting facts

  • Rizon's biggest channel according to chanstats
  • Famous for its vast amounts of circlejerk and drama
  • Its regular members include two females It was 3 for a while, until we scared 2 of them off. ACTUALLY NEVER MIND WE HAVE ZERO NOW.
  • Talks about programming more than both anime and music combined
  • Primary topics as of 2016 are American politics and increasingly disturbing sexual deviancy.
  • Primary topics as of 2017 is video games. Worse off than last year honestly.



  • Ghostlyy - God-king.
  • Hiroto - Former Dictator.
  • ed - Dongs three years running, one of the devs.
  • Vin - One of the main developers. RIP
  • Wessie - Hanyuu's handler.
  • Kilim - Current dictator/server owner. (Wessie side-note: is replaceable)


  • Kuma-kun - DJ Whore. IS GONE
  • Eggmun - Responsible for cl/a/ssy tuesdays.
  • oru - Streams tranquil and calm songs. IS GONE
  • Claud - The Bartending Goose. Plays disgusting normalfag shit.
  • Ekureiru - UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.
  • Kethsar - Touhou DJ and coding man. Reliable.
  • Hanyuu-sama - The AFK streamer. By far the greatest DJ.
  • Master_Bacon - Streams what occasions call for and can even livemix.
  • McDoogle - Steams various themed shows occasionally, mostly chill music
  • HylianSavior - Plays 2hu. IS GONE
  • Santabla - /m/anliest DJ. IS GONE
  • Shotacon - Sounds like a 4 year old and streams denpa. IS GONE
  • Skye-kun - The hero that r/a/dio neither needs nor deserves. IS GONE

We don't really update this anymore, as we're exceptionally unorganized.

Noteworthy People

  • exci - Responsible for most of the DJ's CSS themes. has a crush on Kilim His extent of work for r/a/dio in 2016 was editing a footer.
  • DigitalHoarder - +a in the IRC. He's the only able IRC operator.

Captain Jet

  • CaptainJet - CaptainJet.


One of the bots in the channel. She is in charge of running the AFK Streamer, changing topics, handling requests, displaying currently playing data and other things. She directly interfaces with the website, so if she goes down, chances are the front page might not be correct until she gets fixed. Note that her not being op, not being in the #r/a/dio channel, or mostly any thing IRC-related usually has no effect on her non-IRC-related functionality.

Public Command List

These are all the commands that can be used by the public on the IRC.

Command Description
.np Shows the song playing at the moment
.tags Shows information about the currently playing song
.q [length] Shows the next 5 songs in the queue. If "length" (without quotes) is added, info about the queue is printed
.lp Shows the 5 last played songs
.topic Shows what the current topic is
.dj Shows who the current DJ is
.thread Shows the current thread (if applicable)
.fave Adds the current song to your favorites
.fave last Adds the previously played song to your favorites
.fave <id> Adds the specified song id to your favorites
.unfave Removes the currently playing song from your favorites
.s <query> Searches for a specified search query and gives the five most relevant results
.r <ID> Requests the song wit the specified ID
.lucky <query> Requests the most relevant song matching the query
.random [<query>] Requests a random song, or a random song that matches the search query (if given)
.random fave [<nick>] Requests one of your favorites randomly, or the favorites of the nick if given
.lastr Tells you when you last requested (and if you can request again)
.flist [<nick>] Gives a link to the website with a listing of your favorites, or the favorites of the nick if given

< >: Denotes required parameters [ ]: Denotes an optional parameter


The bastard child of ed`ward and Godzilla, combining the knowledge and manners of ed`ward and the resourcefulness of Godzilla. Born and fully coherent within its first few minutes, though still gender-ambiguous, (s)he is the newest non-human member of #r/a/dio.

edzilla inherits most of ed`ward's language and habits, but is rapidly picking up new tricks based on the comments of other people in the community.

Useful commands

  • -fm uses last.fm to tell the channel what you're listening to
  • -fma lastfmnick links your irc-nick to lastfmnick for -fm
  • -fmc nickOne [nickTwo] shows compatibility between nickOne and yourself (or nickTwo, if provided)
  • s/old/new/ replaces old with new in your last message (regex)
  • bye edzilla greets you the next time you say anything
    • You are officially considered gone after 1 minute has passed
    • Start messages with a space to avoid triggering the welcome-back
  • -out lists people who said bye and haven't returned yet
  • /msg edzilla join #channel joins if #channel is whitelisted
  • -cock nickOne shows the registered cock.li email of nickOne
  • -cocks shows the nimber of registered cock.li emails
  • -cockme some@email.com to register yourself

Useless commands

  • -sex changes nick to edzilla after a netsplit (may require two attempts due to rizon being a trainwreck)
  • edzilla: x, y or z chooses one of the options for you
  • edzilla, v or b has a 20% chance of giving you +b, otherwise 1 minute ban
  • /msg edzilla █████ ██ █████████ makes hanyuu stop streaming
  • -roll 2d6 will roll two 6-sided die for you, while just -roll defaults to %
  • -fortune and -8ball should be obvious


  • Cracked XChat clients may spam channels without the user being aware; edzilla kicks them with a descriptive message
  • [a range of undocumented words and phrases] trigger TLNotes


Thanks to revolutionary scientifical breakthroughs, edzilla can be told to remind you about shit in the future.

-remind me in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 8 seconds that you suck will tell you interesting facts about yourself the next time you speak after roughly one and a half our.

Optionally, you can replace me with any person in the channel. You can also do -hilight instead of -remind, which will remind you as soon as anyone (and not just you) speaks after the indicated time, and as long as you're in the channel at the time. Also http://edzilla.ocv.me/