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Jake "The Snake" Watkins


Age 20
Hobbies Jacking off in a fursuit
Fun Fact Furry Filipino
Can be found in: #/g/tv #Eevee
IRC Status Universally Disliked

Quil aka Crapple aka Mentally Quil or Quil Yourself, is a filipino furry degenerate with numerous fetishes.


Quil is a hard working media studies student at Nottingham Trent university and is originally from the Philipines. Unfortunately years of jenkem abuse have left him with little hair on his head.

Modus operandi

  • Begging buttno and others to post feet
  • Op begging
  • Sniffing poo
  • Unsuccessfully trying to get semen stains out of his fursuit


Further evidence of degeneracy can be seen in this poem sent to an anonymous #/g/tv user:

<Quil> Feed me POO glorious POO
<Quil> Turds, shits and sharts!
<Quil> PISS glorious PISS
<Quil> shower me with your golden driblets!

And this weird personal ad:

Toilet for straight blokes - m4m

Have thought about this a lot and want to be a full toilet and bum wipe to a straight man who might find it interesting to try. I want to be humiliated and have a chap sit and dump a turd on me and pee. Will wipe your bum clean after , happy to give oral relief too if you wanted. I am a very straight sort of bloke, ex forces, ok looking, discreet and clean. I can sometimes acom or travel to arrange to do this. I don't need anything in return, open to ideas. But please this is only for a straight bloke who perhaps can't get his wife or girlfriend to do this sort of thing. I can send pic to genuine replies. Your age unimportant so anyone between 25 and 80.

A real person mail me and I will provide you my pic


Is it gay for a man to lick the butt of another man or just curious?

<+Quilarva> I like black guys because their skin reminds me of jenk!

<+Quilarva> *sniff sniff*
* +Quilarva wags tail


The cause of his furfagism is unknown, though it is thought to be exposure to MLP and "clop" from an early age.


Aversion therapy is the best remedy for his furry degeneracy. Simply blast him with piss every time he acts like a furfag or mentions feet.

Popular Culture

  • Received a 3 day kline for racism.