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Qchat/Qwebirc/Rizon Webchat is custom chatting client officially used by Rizon. The client is based off qwebirc developed by slug but employs a lot of custom coding specially designed for Rizon. You can find the rizon qchat code at https://bitbucket.org/rizon/qchat

The qchat version right now is v0.90-rizon41 which introduced changes such as:

  • Made qchat color selection a bit brighter.
  • Added option for users to connect/SSL connection to RizonBNC.
  • Added prompts for nickserv which help new users register with Rizon.
  • Prompts allow user to identify if nick is registered.
  • Added /color [code] <msg> support. Users are now able to send colored text/bold/italics/underline.
  • Added compatibility tag for IE9.
  • Updated mootools to latest version.

Using qchat

In order to use qchat, simply point your brower to http://webchat.rizon.net/ input your Nickname and connect away. qchat also runs a SSL instance which can be accessed at https://webchat.rizon.net

Adding qchat to your website

In order to add qchat to your website, simply visit this link which will generated a link and embed code for your website. Simply add the code generated to your HTML page and adjust width/height accordingly.

I just encountered a bug or I would like to request a feature

In order to report bugs or request a feature, please visit bugs/feature page

I need some helping with qchat, who should I contact

For more help, please visit #qchat at Rizon or simply follow this link

How to type in color

/color ColorNumber Your Text Goes Here
Code Color Name fg bg
0 white x
1 black x x
2 dark blue (navy blue) x x
3 dark green x x
4 red x x
5 brown x x
6 violet x x
7 orange x x
8 yellow x x
9 lime green x x
10 teal green x x
11 cyan x x
12 light blue (royal blue) x x
13 pink x x
14 grey x x
15 light grey (silver) x x