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Qchat/Qwebirc/Rizon Webchat is custom chatting client officially used by Rizon. The client is based off qwebirc developed by slug but employs a lot of custom coding specially designed for Rizon. You can find the rizon qchat code at https://bitbucket.org/rizon/qchat

Using qchat

In order to use qchat, simply point your brower to http://webchat.rizon.net/ input your Nickname and connect away. qchat also runs a SSL instance which can be accessed at https://webchat.rizon.net

Adding qchat to your website

In order to add qchat to your website, simply visit this link which will generated a link and embed code for your website. Simply add the code generated to your HTML page and adjust width/height accordingly.

I just encountered a bug or I would like to request a feature

In order to report bugs or request a feature, please visit bugs/feature page

I need some helping with qchat, who should I contact

For more help, please visit #qchat at Rizon or simply follow this link