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What are open proxies?

A proxy is a way to connect through a different internet connection than your own. Normally, these are protected with a username and password to prevent abuse. An open proxy does not have such protections, making them a prime target for people that wish to abuse those proxies.

How do we determine someone is using an open proxy?

When you connect to the network our network scanner automatically tries to detect whether you're connecting through a proxy, and if so, if it's an open proxy. If our systems determine that an open proxy is used, a ban is automatically placed.

Why are they banned?

In order to prevent such abuse on the network, we choose to not allow connecting to the network using connections that use or host open proxies.

I'm banned, what can I do?

When our system detects an open proxy it will place a ban on the IP address used. This ban will be accompanied by a ban reason explaining the proxy type, and which port it was detected on.

Please check your computer for any software that might function as a proxy, or contact your network administrator for more information on how to disable or secure your proxy software.

Once you're no longer using an open proxy, create a ticket at to get the ban removed.