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Mainly a mIRC Scripting help channel, #mIRC-Script can be a place to chat and learn.

Bot Info

We have a bot named mIRCHelper that allows users to get help on certain topics of mIRC.

The bot currently has all $identifiers and /commands implemented.

The bot is a WIP so if there are any bugs please contact Iota (See !info)


  • !cmds -> Lists commands
    • Syntax: !cmds [command]
    • Giving a command shows more info on a certain command
  • !mirc -> Shows mIRC /commands
    • Syntax: !mirc [>>NICK] [/COMMAND]
    • This command allows partial lookup of commands and will list those that it finds
  • !id -> Shows info on $identifiers
    • Syntax: !id [>>NICK] [$identifier]
  • !ids -> Lists identifiers
    • Syntax: !ids [>>NICK] [CATEGORY]
  • !event -> Shows help for events
    • Syntax: !event [>>NICK] [^CATEGORY|EVENT]
  • !info -> Gives the user ways to contact Iota if needed.
  • !stats - > Shows some stats from the bot