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I am a IRCOP of the server, on the network. In #help and #mibbit, we have the star next to our nicks when using the mibbit client. (When using a Java chat app, we might have the cool sunglasses, or when using something like mIRC, we have the @ snail) You can come to me with most any issue with regard to #help and #mibbit chat, with help in the mibbit client, or using irc in general. I was invited to be a IRCOP by the owner of Mibbit.

Are you a spy?

What? oh I see. I am an Owner/Admin on another IRC network, and am an Admin/Oper on a handfull of other IRC networks. I in no way try to impose any moderation on the conversation out of the realm and spirit of the rules set forth by the owner of Rizon.

No, I won't tell you which networks they are. That would be unfair to Rizon. If it comes up in conversation, maybe, but otherwise, it's just selfserving spam.

What is your name?

JPGumby is a reference to the Monty Python Gumbys characters. It is not a reference to the ClayMation character. My brain hurts.

Are you old?

Get off my LAWN!