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What is Ident?

Ident (identify) protocol is a type of internet protocol that helps identify a user. The ident protocol works like a server daemon where it receives requests on a specified port. Ident allows the IRC server to validate user credentials while disallowing connections to exploited computers.

How do I know if my Ident is enabled?

A simple way to know through a simple /whois command. If you have ident enabled, the response will be: Rizonuser is If not, it would look identical except for the (~): Rizonuser is

My whois contains ~, what do I do?

mIRC: Alt-O > select the Connect tab > select the Identd tab > check all 3 boxes

mirc settings
Settings in mIRC

I enabled ident but I still have ~, what do I do now?

Many users running behind routers/modems will need to forward port 113 in order to be able to successfully use ident. Please refer to Port Forward for more information on how to achieve this.