Help, I'm banned?!

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Networkwide Ban

If you would like to appeal a network ban, please follow the directions on

Channel Bans

First of all: Rizon staff does NOT deal with channel bans.

If you were banned from a channel, and believe that you should be unbanned instead of waiting the ban out, you're going to have to talk to a channel operator, preferably the one who banned you, or the channel founder.

Finding out whom you can contact

Who banned you?

View the channel's ban list, it might appear in the server/status window:

 /mode #channelname +b
 #channelname *!*user@* set by Peter!~peter@2FCB67A1.CF724B5E.853B28F6.IP (Wed Nov 19 12:32:39)
 #channelname sarah!*@* set by killer100! (Wed Nov 16 04:16:58)
 #channelname End of Channel Ban List

You can see that the first ban was set by Peter, the second one by killer100. If you are still unsure about which of the bans matches you, you can check via Chanserv with /cs checkban #channel, or match your host by doing a whois on yourself: /whois yournick

 yournick is * *
 yournick on +#chat #Rizon
 yournick using powered by K-FEE
 yournick is using modes +ix authflags: [none]
 yournick is actually []
 yournick has been idle 2mins 8secs, signed on Wed Dec 03 03:57:45
 yournick End of /WHOIS list.

Note: With sufficient access (by default AOP/5 or higher), you can unban yourself in a channel via /msg ChanServ unban #channel

If you want to unban someone else then you can do so via /mode #channel -b banmask (banmask being a ban from the channel's ban list.) or alternatively via Chanserv with /cs unban #channel thernick (theirnick being whom you wish to unban, they must be online using the nick.)

Who is the channel founder?

View the channel's information including the founder's nick:

 /msg ChanServ info #channelname
 -ChanServ- Information for channel #channelname:
 -ChanServ- Founder: killer100
 -ChanServ- Description: #channelname
 -ChanServ- Registered: Jul 18 10:03:29 2006 EDT
 -ChanServ- Last used: Dec 02 21:50:31 2008 EST
 -ChanServ- Last topic: Wecome to #channelname!
 -ChanServ- Topic set by: killer100

Messaging the particular channel operator/founder

Open a private query with that person, and kindly ask about the ban. /query nickname

If they decide to keep you banned, you will have to accept that and deal with it.