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What are the Rizon's offical help channels?

Please visit help channels for the full list. Rizon offers help in various different languages.

How do I register my nickname?

Please check out Register your nickname for more information.

How do I identify to my nickname?

Simply login to Rizon with your registered nickname and initiate the command /msg nickserv IDENTIFY yourpassword

How do I change my nickserv password after I have registered?

In order to change your password, simply identify to nickserv and then use the command /msg nickserv set PASSWORD newpassword

How do I deal with trouble makers?

By being a user on an IRC network, you are bound to come across people who are looking to cause nothing but trouble. When you spot users such as these, the first thing you should ask yourself is: "What would be the best and most efficient way to deal with this user?"

Believe it or not, most troublemakers can be dealt with on your own, or with the help of a channel operator. In most cases, doing so is more efficient than reporting the matter to #help or #services, because we will simply tell you to do the same thing. The purpose of this post is to guide you through the steps to taking care of these annoyances.

General Trolls:

Broadly speaking, trolls are users who are looking for trouble. A few examples of what they may do is saying hateful things, angering users, causing disturbances... and the list goes on. Dealing with them is quite simple. Just ban them from the channel, or use /ignore. There is no reason to report them to #help or #services if they are not breaking any network rules, and it ends up wasting everyone's time. Retaliating against them with insults isn't going to make anything better; that's just what they want. Do the mature thing and use /ignore.Do a /whois on the user and find out their host, then ignore them with:

/ignore *!*@host.mask

Occassionally a user will change their host to try and get around the ignore. See the Ban Evaders section for more information. There are also two user modes which will block incoming private messages from unknown users: +G and +g. +g will block private messages from all users who are not on your accept list, and you will be notified every time they try to message you. The command is:

/mode yournick +g

+G is similar to +g, except that it blocks all private messages from users that do not share a common channel with you and that are not on your accept list. The command is:

/mode yournick +G

The command to add a user to your accept list is:

/accept nick

See User Modes and Channel Modes for other ways to protect yourself and your channel.

How do I embed Rizon webchat to my website?

For those of you who haven't seen our webchat, feel free to check it out at:


Adding webchat to your site is a great way to boost exposure of your channel(s), as well as meeting the average user that goes to your site. You can get to the embed creation wizard by clicking on the arrow button at the top left corner of the page, and clicking "Add webchat to your site".

Because of the recent changes to webchat, you can now allow your users to use the current settings you have set. You could change any option available and have it saved for your users so they use the same specific options. For example, you could save your users from being hassled by the quit popup by hiding it. You can do this through the "Change options" step. For those that still remember the red.html blue.html etc color themes, you can use this function instead and bookmark it.

Through the new update security of our webchat has also been ramped up. It also comes in a SSL version (https://qchat.rizon.net). Whatever data you send will be encrypted through the entire process, so sensitive data like NickServ passwords are protected. Prior to the update data was only protected to the server running the webchat, but not to the IRC server.

Although many networks have banned Mibbit, Rizon will not follow this path. Instead, we feel our webchat is much better, simpler and easier to use. So if you have an embed Mibbit client on your webpage, have a look at our webchat and consider using it instead.

Our webchat also has a dedicated team of coders, and will turn to the needs and features users request.

If you have any questions regarding our webchat, or are having trouble with any aspect of it, feel free to join #Help (you can click on it to join #Help via webchat!) or post in the Help section of these forums.

For those interested in the code of Rizon's qwebirc, it's available at http://code.rizon.net/qchat (note we don't run the stock version, we use our own modifications).

I /whois'ed myself and I can see my IP, how do I hide it?

There is no reason to worry, only you and Rizon staff is able to see your IP, Rizon hides users hostname/IP during connect in order to ensure safety and privacy.

What is a vHost and How do I request one?

vHost (virtual host) allows users to change their ISP hostname (myisp.net) to something creative (mycool.new.hostname). Please visit the vHost section in order to learn about virtual hosts and how you can request one.

I need help with RSBot/Eternal WoW/<insert game here>

We often get people coming into #help with questions about RSBot, Eternal WoW, or some other game or community.

The Rizon IRC network is not related to these communities, and we can't help you with problems you may be having with their programs. "#help" is a channel for help with IRC or with Rizon services. If you need help with some non-Rizon related service, you need to find their channel and type

/join #channelname

eternalwow => /join #eternalwow

rsbot => /join #rsbot

blackoutro => /join #blackoutro

eRepublik => /join #eRepublik

e-Sim => /join #e-sim

CoreCraft => /join #corecraft