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About #funtime

FunTime was created on the 21th july 2011 as the private channel of Androm3da it had a long time where nothing happened ,the owner started getting more interesting at Rizon so he joined #chat and other channels where he met alot of User which he invited. From there we had a bad channel which was used to show force ;a bad time for us. Then we got neutral where we didn't ban People we don't like ,also a mistake because nobody wanted to be neutral. After all this trying and making we got a better channel and the owner realized what place he opened so he akicked all People which make shit there (what was really difficult for him because he wanted a full channel ;he realized that a full channel is not all). We have alot of big projects like our irc-network which is currently offline .But the biggest one is our Bot called FunTime ,more we will tell you later.

FunTime - our bot

The Bot FunTime is a mix between mIRC (msl scripting programme) and eggdrop (tcl scripting programme) ,we let it run over a BNC that 2 clients can connect to 1 nickname .mIRC makes the commands which are listed by typing +commands and eggdrop lets FunTime talking like it would had a brain (you can delete that by contacting me),it even has a bed time and can make typos! FunTime got a really popular Bot on Rizon because you can do all yourself ,you can get it by typing /invite funtime #yourchannelsname.


Every user gets voice by joining the channel ,if you get devoiced you won't be able to talk because we have set mode +m to evade spammers.Under these voices are users with special access to use akicks etc. .If you want access you need to be a nice user who talks alot. Here we will show you our levels list now: Access level 100 = Protect Access level 15 = Op Access level 10 = Acc-Chance ,nokick Access level 8 = Topic Access level 6 = halfop Access level 5 = kickme Access level 3 = using /cs akick ,signkick ,getkey ,unban ,.voice ,memo ,ban Access level 0 = Voice ,greet ,.access list ,.info ,/invite Access level -1 = No greet ,no .access list ,no .info ,no invite Access level -2 = Autodeop Access level -3 = Akick

You also can earn access by coming in our team (network ,bot)


RULES 1. No advertising if you aren't a permanent User (Channels with or without #,Links etc.) 2. No Spam or flooding. 3. No Bots without permission. 4. Listen to that what Operators say. 5. No asking for access. 6. No nazism.

We won't ban at the first mistake because we don't like to ban Users.

Tasks for Ops

Ops are generally here for saving our Channel against advertisers and spam. They also need to be really active because if they are not they could loose it. That gives other Users a Chance to be a Op.


You can contact us with a e-mail to the founder Androm3da ( Or contact me at Rizon with a query (msg).